Dangerous Flesh-Eating Microbes Pose Growing Threat Along US Coast : ScienceAlert (Abomination Shot Implantation and AdverseEvent)


Earth’s atmosphere and oceans are heating up beyond any previous point in human history, triggering a cascade of changes around the planet that our species is racing to manage.

This is due to anthropogenic climate change, of course. Our greenhouse gas emissions are returning to haunt us in various ways, including supercharged hurricanes, heat waves, and other big weather events that affect large numbers of people all at once.

But not all consequences of climate change are so immediately noticeable. According to a new study by an international team of researchers, one lesser-known yet noteworthy effect of warmer seas is the spread of flesh-eating bacteria in coastal waters, where they can dangerously sicken humans even in nice weather.

Specifically, the study points to Vibrio vulnificus, a species notorious for infecting humans. It can do so when someone eats raw or undercooked seafood, especially oysters, but it’s also capable of life-threatening necrotizing fasciitis when exposed to an open wound.

Long known from coastal waters in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic coasts of Georgia and Florida, V. vulnificus seems to pose a growing threat in those areas while also colonizing new habitats farther north, the study’s authors report.

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