No plans to cancel May 9 Victory Day Parade on Moscow’s Red Square, says Kremlin – Society & Culture – TASS

MOSCOW, April 10. /TASS/. Preparations are in full swing for the May 9 Victory Day Parade on Moscow’s Red Square while governors will make decisions on regional events proceeding from security considerations, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Monday.

The reporters asked the Russian presidential spokesman about the preparations for the Victory Day Parade in the wake of a decision by the authorities of the Kursk Region against holding the event this year. The Kremlin press secretary was asked about whether other May 9 festivities could be cancelled.

“This is the prerogative of the heads of regions. Naturally, they make corresponding decisions proceeding from the interests of ensuring citizens’ security. This is the main and sole priority. As for the main parade, it is being prepared and is planned to be held,” Peskov said.

A high (yellow) terrorist alert level and a medium level of response are in effect in the Kursk Region bordering on Ukraine. The regional authorities have enhanced the border control regime in the borderline area, at the entry to and exit from the city of Kurchatov where the Kursk Nuclear Power Plant is located and have increased security on all the regional highways. Enhanced security measures are in place at infrastructural facilities and educational institutions, railway and bus stations. Special alarm buttons have been installed on urban buses.

Notes regarding Brother Edward Umling’s mention of November 12th (12 to 12 equals 12th Day – 9 to 9 equals November to November (9th Month))

If you take a look at the Noah Timeline Part III, that brings us from Nov 11/12th, 2022 – Nov 11th/12th, 2023.

When looking at the Stellarium, I found that the Hebrew Calendar and Torah are a Month off, so what the date really is is the 7th Month 17th Day or 717 to 717.

Torah lists this date as 8th Month (1 Month Off)

Remember that there was an Eclipse on November 8th, 3 Days before, which the Spirit then led me to find out what Holy Days were the Month before on that day.

You will then see the Eclipse of Nov 8th, actually landed on the 12th Day of the Hebrew Month showing on the Torah.

When you compare the dates following the previous month on the Hebrew Calendar, you will see that the Eclipse actually marked the 1st Day of Sukkot.

When you look at November 2023, to the corresponding last day of the Noah Timeline 365 Days later on November 11/12th, you will see it also a Month off according to the Stellarium making the 8th Month really the 7th Month.

You will see that there is another Eclipse on Oct 28/29th, which corresponds to the 12th/13th Day of the 7th Month or 1st Day of Sukkot on the Hebrew Calendar, just like we saw in 2022.

This Revelation is showing us a major High Rapture, High Event Watch for this Eclipse in October. If we are still here, definitely something to Watch!

The Tribulation is commencing..

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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