NewsBreak: Vladimir Putin Promises To Arm Kim Jong-un & Send ‘Latest Weapons’ To North Korea..

Vladimir Putin has promised to arm North Korea by sending Russia’s “latest weapons” to Kim Jong-un , has learned.

Putin’s surprising vow came shortly after South Korea announced they were considering whether to send weapons of their own to Ukraine to help the invaded nation defend itself from the Russian leader’s forces.

Former Russian president-turned-Putin crony, Dmitry Medvedev , lashed out at South Korea following the news and indicated Russia would not hesitate to help North Korea if South Korea decided to aid Ukraine.

“Now parties willing to help our enemies have emerged,” Medvedev fumed on Telegram this week. “South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol said that, in principle, his country is ready to supply the Kyiv regime with weapons.”

“This is despite the fact that, until recently, the South Koreans insisted that the possibility of supplying lethal weapons to Kyiv had been completely ruled out,” he continued. “I wonder what the inhabitants of that country will say when they see the latest versions of Russian weapons with their closest neighbours – our partners from the DPRK.”

“As they say…quid pro quo.”

Despite Russia’s recent threats to arm North Korea with its “latest weapons,” intelligence sources have scoffed at the idea and deemed it an empty promise due to the fact Putin can barely supply his own forces with proper weaponry.

Ukraine’s Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, Oleksiy Danilov , indicated last month that Moscow has grown so desperate for military hardware that they were forced to start deploying Soviet-era weapons.

“Russia is running out of prepared stockpiles of weapons,” Danilov said. “Missiles and military equipment have been accumulating for decades. The calculations called for blitzkrieg, not blitzutilization.”

Danilov also indicated that Russia’s “corrupt economy” – especially now that it is “hampered” by Western sanctions – is unable to sustain the production of new weapons even for its own military.

Therefore, garnering foreign aid is “a matter of primary importance” for Putin and not the other way around.

As previously reported, Putin’s army is allegedly growing so desperate for adequate weapons that the Russian forces have started constructing “Frankenstein tanks” made of spare parts from destroyed vehicles to use against Ukraine.

Elsewhere, Putin’s troops have reportedly been launching assaults against Ukraine armed with nothing but “firearms and shovels” due to their lack of proper weapons.

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