Barry Humphries: Dame Edna Everage comedian dies at 89 – BBC News (nephilim being slain)..

Australian entertainer Barry Humphries, best known for his comic character Dame Edna Everage, has died aged 89.

The star had been in hospital in Sydney after suffering complications following hip surgery in March. He had a fall in February.

Humphries’ most famous creation became a hit in the UK in the 1970s and landed her own TV chat show, the Dame Edna Everage Experience, in the late 1980s.

His other personas included the lecherous drunk Sir Les Patterson.

The ‘stone of destiny’ — an 800-year-old boulder symbolizing the Scottish monarchy — is set to be displayed at King Charles’ coronation. Researchers have only just discovered mysterious markings set in its ancient faces.

The Stone of Destiny, a 13th-century sandstone symbol of Scotland’s monarchy, will be delicately transported from Scotland to Westminster Abbey ahead of the May 6 coronation of King Charles III.

The stone has been a part of English coronations for centuries, yet ahead of Charles’ coronation, scientists in a press release said they have discovered never-before-observed details about the stone, thanks to 3D modeling.

The modeling was done to help measure the stone, which will be placed inside Charles’ Coronation chair, but revealed more than the researchers had hoped for.

“It’s very exciting to discover new information about an object as unique and important to Scotland’s history as the Stone of Destiny,” Ewan Hyslop, Head of Research and Climate Change at HES, said in the release.

One of the discoveries includes four markings on one face of the rock that appear to be Roman numerals —three X’s and one V — Historic Environment Scotland, a public body to preserve Scotland’s history that maintains the stone, said.

However, their exact meaning remains unknown, Hyslop said.

The markings also helped researchers to further place the stone’s origins, with the researchers concluding it is most likely a sandstone from the Scone Sandstone Formation around Scone Palace in Scotland. It also revealed wear and tear over the years— including when the stone was broken in half in 1950 during an unsuccessful heist to return the stone to Scotland — and the work done to fix it.

UK’s Queen Elizabeth II under ‘medical supervision’

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