Americans rush to evacuate Sudan conflict amid cease-fire (Afghanistan Replay- satan taking this land)

A travel writer from Massachusetts is one of the thousands of Americans trapped in the fighting in Sudan as the conflict between two rival generals threatens to explode into all-out civil war.

“There were power cuts, no running water, no access to cash. So I left with only $20,” Lakshmi Parthasarathy, 32, told NBC News on Tuesday after hitchhiking south.

With roughly 16,000 American citizens in the country before the violence broke out almost two weeks ago, the race to evacuate diplomats in recent days has left behind many to fend for themselves in the vast resource-rich African country.

Civilians described frenzied efforts to escape sporadic fighting in the capital, Khartoum, despite a new three-day truce.

“The city was complete mayhem when I left,” Parthasarathy, who is from New Bedford, said via video message from a school that’s been turned into a little refugee camp near Khartoum. Rides to the evacuation ports are going for thousands of dollars, she said.

She described seeing tanks as vehicles carrying civilians, including Sudanese desperately seeking to flee to neighboring countries via land or sea, attempted the dangerous journey out of the capital.

“There were women, children, families who were escaping villages along the way. I thought at the time that only Khartoum had seen the most destruction, but we saw villages that had clearly been devastated by the war,” Parthasarathy said.

As civilians sought ways to escape, fearing that the rival camps will escalate their struggle for power once evacuations are complete, the World Health Organization issued a sobering warning.

There was ahigh risk of biological hazard” after one side in the fighting seized a laboratory, the agency’s representative in Sudan said Tuesday, according to Reuters.

The two armed groups have been locked in a battle for control of Sudan, using artillery, airstrikes and bullets in a conflict that has left millions of people caught in the crossfire.

While watching the news last night I saw an escape plane from Sudan that made spirit leap when I saw the numbers on the side of it, eerily similar to what took place in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Escape Plane or 911 backwards
Sudan Escape Plane – 1117

The Lord told me to go look up the “1117” number in Strongs, which points to Babylon and Obama.

Strong’s Greek

Strong’s Hebrew

Now remember the Number on the Plame leaving Sudan. It is “1117“. Now look at the Obama Connection for the Afghanistan Replay by reading this letter he wrote here

This tells me that what is happening in Sudan, is a setup event for satan to take over another country like Afghanistan, as was prophesied by Edward Umling in 2016.

The Tribulation is commencing..

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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