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The US Navy announced Thursday that Iranian commandos have seized a Marshall Islands-flagged oil tanker in the Gulf of Oman off Iran’s coast. The statement emphasized that the seizure happened in international waters.

The US statement identified the ship as the Advantage Sweet Suezmax crude tanker chartered by Chevron to move product from Kuwait to Houston. The US administration is calling on Iran’s government to immediately release the oil tanker, according to Bloomberg.

“Iran’s continued harassment of vessels and interference with navigational rights in regional waters are a threat to maritime security and the global economy,” the US Navy said. The statement further reviewed that in two years, the Islamic Republic has unlawfully seized at least five commercial vessels in the region.

Iran’s state television IRIB News confirmed Iranian possession of the tanker. Iran’s military is claiming the vessel collided with an Iranian boat and then tried to flee. “A Marshall Islands-flagged oil tanker was seized by the Iranian army’s naval force in the Persian Gulf after it collided with an Iranian boat in the Gulf of Oman and tried to flee,” the Iranian military said. “Two members of the boat’s crew are missing and several were injured due to the collision of the ship with the boat,” it claimed.

The vessel’s Turkey-based management company said as quoted in Reuters, “The safety and welfare of our valued crew members is our No. 1 priority,” adding that: “Similar experiences show that crew members of vessels taken under such circumstances are in no danger.”

Iran especially since 2019, a year after the Trump administration pulled out of the JCPOA nuclear deal brokered under Obama, increased its threats to close the Strait of Hormuz narrow waterway by force – vital to global trade and oil transit – if it’s prevented from using it.

The past few years have witnessed the US ramp up its naval presence in the Gulf region, based out of Bahrain where the 5th Fleet is headquartered, and this has served to increase tense encounters between IRGC operatives and US forces.

For example the past half-year has seen the Iranians briefly capture and detain high-tech US navy sea drones. But these all have been released by the Iranians after the US Navy mobilizes assets in threat of IRGC vessels.

The past year has seen the near total collapse of negotiations toward restoring the nuclear deal. Many analysts feared that a stalled deal would only cause the Iranians to resort to military tactics in order to build leverage toward forcing a US response, and that may be precisely what we are seeing now with this latest tanker seizure.

Watch “6.3 Earthquake. Watch For High Waves.” on YouTube – Southern Iran!!

In seeing this article, it immediately alerted me because the Lord has told me to watch this area since late 2021, when 2 Large Earthquakes hit this area back in 2021.

Since then, I had Google Alerts set for the Gulf of Oman and the Straits of Hormuz.

The Spirit began to guide me to go and see the significance of the date of those Earthquakes in 2021.

I saw the date of Nov 14th and saw the Megillat Ta’anit in the Torah. I looked Megillat Ta’anit up, but didn’t see anything significant, so I left it alone.

The Lord then later on in the Evening, told me to listen to the November Dream from Dana Coverstone regarding the Conestoga Wagon, Kamala Harris and Biden losing against Trump for the WhiteHouse.

When Dana mentions November again, I get a flash image of my mind of Trump’s Birthday in June.

Then it hits my mind that November means 9, so if Nisan is the 7th Month, then the 9th Month should be the 3rd Month or June.

This Revelation had me go take a look at the Torah in the 3rd Month on the Hebrew Calendar, which falls in June. I immediately see in this month a Megillat Ta’anit again.

This also matches the Nov 12th date, Edward Umling has been mentioning for a Fast Day; which in reality on the Torah is a Fast Day as well! Keep in mind that this reflects a Feast of Tabernacles of the 8th Month 15th Day of a Profame Offering to the Lord in 1 Kings 12:32-33.

Now to add to this, while putting this article together, an Earthquake hits in Iran.

This time the Earthquake hits in Mashad, deeper in Iran.

I search Iran in Google and while typing the Name Mashad, the Lord whispers add Nuclear.

I do that and find that when Suleimani was killed, they marched his body through Mashad, Iran’s Second City.

Iran has announced that it will no longer abide by any of the limits imposed by the unravelling 2015 nuclear deal, and Iraq’s parliament urged its leaders to expel troops from the US-led coalition, as the aftershocks of the assassination of Iranian general Qassem Suleimani reverberated through the Middle East.

In a statement broadcast on state TV late on Sunday, the Iranian government said the country would no longer observe limitations on uranium enrichment, stockpiles of enriched uranium or nuclear research and development. But the statement noted that the steps could be reversed if Washington lifted its sanctions on Tehran.

The announcement came hours after hundreds of thousands took to the streets in Iran to mourn Suleimani as his remains were carried through the cities of Ahvaz and Mashhad, ahead of a burial in his hometown on Tuesday.

Mourners thronged Mashhad, Iran’s second city, as Suleimani’s coffin was paraded on a truck through the streets to the floodlit Imam Reza shrine, chanting, “Iran’s wearing black, revenge, revenge” and holding up portraits. The scale of the procession forced the cancellation of a Sunday night ceremony in Tehran, according to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, who urged citizens instead to attend a memorial at Tehran University on Monday.

With Trump’s Birthday on June 14, 2023 where he turns 77, 3 Days after June 11th/12th with all the connections we see coming together in this; this may reflect the time of Iran for an attack from Iran on America and an assassination attempt on Trump. The Deadly Wound to him reflected in the November Dream of Dana Coverstone.

The Tribulation is commencing..

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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