NewsBreak: King Charles Reportedly Cuts off Royal ‘Right Hand’ to Queen Elizabeth Ahead of Coronation

King Charles III has made another cut to the royal household and the people it supports, and this one is as controversial as any. According to a report by Radar Online , the king has “cut off” Angela Kelly, who was considered the “right-hand lady” of his late mother Queen Elizabeth II. Insiders said that Kelly has been asked to move out of her royally-appointed Berkshire Cottage.

Kelly served the queen for over two decades as her dresser and confidante, and she remained in the royal orbit after the queen passed away back in September. The 65-year-old has reportedly occupied several of the cottages in Windsor – most recently Berkshire Cottage – but she has now been asked to leave. Insiders said that Kelly was evicted as a part of the king’s ongoing effort to slash expenses for the royal family and streamline all their operations. In addition to losing her housing, Kelly’s work-issued phone was cut off as well.

Kelly addressed her departure from the royal residences on Instagram on last weekend. She posted a photo of the yard outside her cottage and wrote: “Getting ready to say goodbye. I am moving at last to my new home which I will be able to call My Home at last.” In a follow-up comment, she explained her future plans a little further.

“I’m moving to the Peak District just further on than Sheffield so not to far away from the family,” she wrote. “My works phone has been disconnected… Looking forward to my New Adventures.”

Kelly worked as the queen’s “dresser” for years, serving as a hairdresser and stylist, among other jobs. She accompanied the queen to some high-profile events as well, including the 2018 Met Gala. Along the way the two became close, with the queen reportedly telling Kelly: “We could be sisters.” In September of 2022, Kelly mourned along with the rest of the world when the queen was laid to rest.

“A very sad day for me today. I said goodbye to my best friend,” Kelly wrote on Instagram at the time. She attended the funeral along with the rest of the royal household, and shared a photo of herself in the crowd. The queen was 96 years old when she passed away, having reigned for 70 years. Her eldest son will be celebrated in a formal coronation on Saturday, May 6. The ceremony will be televised by news networks in the U.S. as well.

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