Brits urged to swear oath to their king for first time

Next week’s coronation of King Charles III will feature an invitation for all British people to swear their allegiance to the new monarch and his descendants in what organizers have billed as a “chorus of millions.”

The ceremony has been revised to include a “homage of the people,” rather than the traditional “homage of peersin which dukes pledge their allegiance to the sovereign, according to plans announced on Saturday by the Church of England.

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby will call upon “all persons of goodwillin the UK and its territoriesthose attending the ceremony at Westminster Abbey and those watching on television or the internet – to recite the following vows: “I swear that I will pay true allegiance to Your Majesty and to your heirs and successors according to the law, so help me God.” The archbishop will then proclaim, “God save the king” and ask all to respond: “God save King Charles. Long live King Charles. May the king live forever.”

The public pledge is among several tweaks to a ceremony with ancient traditions, some of which date back nearly half a millennium. “Our hope is at that point, when the archbishop invites people to join in, that people wherever they are, if they’re watching at home on their own, watching the telly, ill say it out loud this sense of a great cry around the nation and around the world of support for the king,” a Lambeth Palace spokesperson said.

Among other changes to the traditional ceremony, the coronation will feature female clergy taking a prominent role and leaders of other faiths presenting the king with regalia for the events, including his robe, ring and bracelets. A hymn will be sung in Welsh, Scottish Gaelic and Irish Gaelic. The service will celebrate tradition while adding “new elements that reflect the diversity of our contemporary society,” the archbishop said.

However, King Charles III will take the traditional oaths, including a pledge to maintain “the Protestant Reformed religion.” The archbishop will preface the oath by saying that the Church of England will seek to foster an environment where “people of all faiths and beliefs may live freely.”

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NewsBreak: King Charles Reportedly Cuts off Royal ‘Right Hand’ to Queen Elizabeth Ahead of Coronation

King Charles III has made another cut to the royal household and the people it supports, and this one is as controversial as any. According to a report by Radar Online , the king has “cut off” Angela Kelly, who was considered the “right-hand lady” of his late mother Queen Elizabeth II. Insiders said that Kelly has been asked to move out of her royally-appointed Berkshire Cottage.

Kelly served the queen for over two decades as her dresser and confidante, and she remained in the royal orbit after the queen passed away back in September. The 65-year-old has reportedly occupied several of the cottages in Windsor – most recently Berkshire Cottage – but she has now been asked to leave. Insiders said that Kelly was evicted as a part of the king’s ongoing effort to slash expenses for the royal family and streamline all their operations. In addition to losing her housing, Kelly’s work-issued phone was cut off as well.

Kelly addressed her departure from the royal residences on Instagram on last weekend. She posted a photo of the yard outside her cottage and wrote: “Getting ready to say goodbye. I am moving at last to my new home which I will be able to call My Home at last.” In a follow-up comment, she explained her future plans a little further.

“I’m moving to the Peak District just further on than Sheffield so not to far away from the family,” she wrote. “My works phone has been disconnected… Looking forward to my New Adventures.”

Kelly worked as the queen’s “dresser” for years, serving as a hairdresser and stylist, among other jobs. She accompanied the queen to some high-profile events as well, including the 2018 Met Gala. Along the way the two became close, with the queen reportedly telling Kelly: “We could be sisters.” In September of 2022, Kelly mourned along with the rest of the world when the queen was laid to rest.

“A very sad day for me today. I said goodbye to my best friend,” Kelly wrote on Instagram at the time. She attended the funeral along with the rest of the royal household, and shared a photo of herself in the crowd. The queen was 96 years old when she passed away, having reigned for 70 years. Her eldest son will be celebrated in a formal coronation on Saturday, May 6. The ceremony will be televised by news networks in the U.S. as well.

Jacob ( Jesus) and His Work for the Father to gain Rachel (Israel),Leah (Gentiles), the Flocks (Church) and the World (Those that are lost) Timeline – 1988 -2028

Did Rachel die before Leah?

Genesis 49:29-33
Genesis 50:22-24
Exodus 1:1-14

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Ukraine explains strike on oil terminal in Crimea

Saturday’s drone attack on an oil terminal in Russia’s Crimea was part of Kiev’s preparations for its planned counteroffensive, Natalya Gumenyuk, the spokeswoman for the Ukrainian military’s southern command, has claimed.

An explosion rocked the key port of Sevastopol on Saturday morning as a UAV crashed into one of the fuel-storage facilities in the city. The blaze engulfed about a thousand square meters and destroyed four oil tanks, local authorities said. There were no fatalities or injuries as a result of the incident, they added.

Kiev has been saying for a long time that undermining the Russian military’s logistics was “one of the elements of preparation for powerful, active actions by the Defense Forces” of Ukraine, Gumenyuk said during a live TV appearance on Sunday.

Speaking about the previous day’s attack in Sevastopol, she claimed that “this work represents that preparation for a broad, large-scale offensive, which everybody is expecting.”

Crimea, which reunited with Russia in 2014 following a referendum held after the violent coup in Kiev that year, has been a frequent target of aerial and naval drone raids since the conflict erupted into open fighting in February last year. The Ukrainian military and the authorities in Kiev have usually been reluctant to take responsibility for the attacks, most of which have been repelled by Russian forces.

In an interview with Nordic media outlets on Friday, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said that the “counteroffensive will happen” and expressed hope that it’ll allow Kiev to “de-occupy” Crimea as well as Russia’s newly-incorporated territories: the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, and the Zaporozhye and Kherson Regions.

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, who serves at present as deputy head of the country’s Security Council, said that Zelensky’s claims were “delusional,” but warned that, nonetheless, they shouldn’t be discounted.

According to Medvedev, Russia should foil the counteroffensive by delivering “mass destruction of personnel and military equipment” and inflicting a “maximum military defeat” on the Ukrainian military. After that, the “Nazi regime in Kiev” must be “completely dismantled,” he added.

Earlier this week, Politico reported that Ukraine’s prime backer, the US, has been concerned that the impact of the much-hyped counteroffensive could fall short of expectations. Meanwhile, the New York Times warned that Western support for Kiev could weaken if the operation doesn’t bring “a decisive victory.”

Former Ukrainian defense minister Andrey Zagorodnyuk complained earlier this month that “the vast majority of Western politicians, analysts and journalists don’t see the liberation of Crimea as a realistic prospect” because significant Russian forces are situated there. Kiev should do more to persuade the US and its allies to support an attack on the peninsula, he insisted.

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Stock Market Crash Alert: Mark Your Calendars for May 3 | InvestorPlace

The Spigot being turned on – Judgement and Rapture

Tensions are high ahead of the Federal Reserve’s upcoming Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting, set for May 2-3. Indeed, some economists believe the central bank may opt for its last rate hike of the year this time around. Will the stock market crash?

Well, depending on the tone of the meeting and, more predominantly, of Fed Chair Jerome Powell, equity markets could be in for a tumble. While economists believe the central bank’s rate-hike campaign could be coming to an end, nothing is set in stone. If there’s anything Powell loves, its a hawkish subversion of expectations.

As it stands, most members of the Fed currently predict there will be just one more interest rate increase this year. In fact, as per the latest polling, 10 Fed officials project there will be one more rate hike this cycle. Meanwhile, three Fed members project two more rate hikes, three other officials predict there will be three more rate hikes and just one person expects four more hikes. Finally, just one Fed official believes the central bank is done raising rates.

According to the March Summary of Economic Projections, most Fed officials also believe elevated inflation is likely to linger on until as late as 2024, with risks to core inflation overly weighted to the upside.

Kathy Bostjancic, Chief Economist at Nationwide, told Bankrate:

“They may or may not be right with that risk assessment, but it tells you a lot about where they’re willing to air […] They’re willing to air on the side of higher interest rates because of the risk of inflation being higher.”

What else do you need to know ahead of the Fed’s upcoming rate-hike decision?

Stock Market Crash Fears Sing Up Ahead of FOMC Meeting
The major fear surrounding additional rate-hike increases is the potential for wider economic deterioration. In that regard, the U.S. economy is seemingly just starting to feel the pinch of elevated interest rates.

This week, a number of economic data releases showed that, while prices may be starting to ease, it’s clearly not without costs like economic growth and consumer spending. Indeed, first-quarter GDP was released just this week and came in underwhelming.

Despite Wall Street consensus projections for about 2% GDP growth in Q1 2023, annualized GDP slowed to 1.1%, as per the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

On the flip side, Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) — the Fed’s preferred inflation gauge — showed notably higher prices than projected, 4.2% versus the 3.7% expected. While this is still a deceleration from February’s 5.1% inflation level, it’s also more fuel to the Fed’s hawkish fire.

Ryan Belanger, founder of Claro Advisors, wrote the following about the report:

“Friday’s inflation report gives the Federal Reserve an excuse to hike interest rates by 25 basis points at the May meeting, even though there is a growing chorus among investors for the Fed to pause its rate hikes given worries about the economy.”

Belanger isn’t alone in his estimations. Interest-rate futures are currently pricing in a roughly 92% chance the central bank raises rates 25 basis points at its May meeting. That’s up from an 84% reading just days ago.

The Federal funds rate is sitting at a range between 4.75% and 5%, the highest level since 2007. With interest rates only liable to keep going up, fears of a Fed-induced recession have only continued to rise.

“Not only is it a concern, but the odds favor it,” said Greg McBride, Bankrate Chief Financial Analyst, “Look at the last three [tightening] cycles: Two of them ended in recessions, and the one that didn’t was an economic slowdown, where they had to reverse course and start cutting rates. History is not on their side.”

On the date of publication, Shrey Dua did not hold (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, subject to the Publishing Guidelines.

With degrees in economics and journalism, Shrey Dua leverages his ample experience in media and reporting to contribute well-informed articles covering everything from financial regulation and the electric vehicle industry to the housing market and monetary policy. Shrey’s articles have featured in the likes of Morning Brew, Real Clear Markets, the Downline Podcast, and more.

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April 30, 2023 – Watchman News – Ephesians 4:15 – Clouds carry drug-resistant bacteria across distances: study (Chemtrails), Kim Jong Un’s sister says US-S. Korea plan risks ‘serious danger’, Russia vows firm response to Poland’s seizure of embassy school, Say Goodbye to Smartphones; the Revolutionary Humane AI Wearable Is Here! (Profane Ai spirit), Biden green-lights deployment to Mexican border, US troops drill for Taiwan war, US regulators set deadline for failing bank bids and More!

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April 30, 2023 – Watchman News – Ephesians 4:15 – Clouds carry drug-resistant bacteria across distances: study (Chemtrails), Kim Jong Un’s sister says US-S. Korea plan risks ‘serious danger’, Russia vows firm response to Poland’s seizure of embassy school, Say Goodbye to Smartphones; the Revolutionary Humane AI Wearable Is Here! (Profane Ai spirit), Biden green-lights deployment to Mexican border, US troops drill for Taiwan war, US regulators set deadline for failing bank bids and More!

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Understanding of ARM vs Right Hand of Revelation 13;16-18 –

The Dove Release of Noah symbolism to the 3 End Times Ministry Segments –

Jacob ( Jesus) and His Work for the Father to gain Rachel (Bride of Christ),Leah (Israel), the Flocks (Church) and the World (Those that are lost) Timeline – 1988 -2028 –

High Watch Times
June 2nd/3rd -The Day the Earth Stood Still Movie
June 4th/5th – Pentecost- Ezekiel’s Vision of Jesus on the Throne – Chariots of Wheels and the Angels

June 14th-16th – In 2022 there will be three Supermoons: Tuesday, June 14. Wednesday, July 15. Friday, August 12 – August’s full Sturgeon Moon reaches its peak on Thursday, August 11, 2022. It will be the last supermoon of the year. Learn when to look for it and why August’s Full Moon got such a peculiar name!

June 22-24th – 23 Sivan (474 BCE) – Mordecai and Esther sent letters so that the Jews shall prepare themselves for the annihilation plan orchestrated by Haman to be committed against them on the 13th of the following Adar. Planetary Parade!!

July 2nd -4th – The Day the Sun and Moon Stood Still – Joshua 10:12-15

Possible UFO Landing in D.C.?

Ezekiel 1:1

Ezekiel’s Vision of God

Now it came to pass in the thirtieth year, in the fourth month, on the fifth day of the month, as I was among the captives by the River Chebar, that the heavens were opened and I saw visions of God.

July 13th-14th – Noah Timeline – 150 Days (Dec 3rd -April 30th) + 74 Days = Tops of Mountains became visible = Gen 8:5. Super Buck Moon on July 13.

July 16th – Aug 7th – The Three Weeks or Bein ha-Metzarim (Hebrew: בין המצרים, “Between the Straits”) (cf “dire straits”) is a period of mourning commemorating the destruction of the first and second Jewish Temples.

Aug 11th -12th – Tu B Av – In 2022 there will be three Supermoons: Tuesday, June 14. Wednesday, July 15. Friday, August 12 – August’s full Sturgeon Moon reaches its peak on Thursday, August 11, 2022. It will be the last supermoon of the year.
Aug 22nd – 23rd – Noah Timeline – 224 Days (July 13th) + 40 Days = Raven sent out = Gen 8:6

Aug 28th – 29th – Noah Timeline – 264 Days (Aug 22nd) + 7 Days = Dove sent out after Raven, no resting place= Gen 8:6-12

Sept 5th – 6th – Noah Timeline – 271 Days (Aug 29th) + 7 Days = After 7 Days, Noah sent out Dove again, It returns with Olive Leaf= Gen 8:10-11
Sept 12th – 13th – Noah Timeline – 278 Days (Sept 5th) + 7 Days = After 7 Days, Noah sent out Dove again, it does not return Gen 8:12

Sept 25th – 27th – Rosh Hashana for Hebrew Year 5783 begins at sundown on Sunday, 25 September 2022 and ends at nightfall on Tuesday, 27 September 2022.
Oct 10th -12th – Feast of Trumpets, Day of Atonement & Tabernacles connection to the Julian Calendar, Noah Timeline Date – Gen 8:13, 444 from Israel’s 70th day & 717 on Hebrew Calendar
Oct 15th -16th – 4444 from Israel 70th Bday + Hosha’ana Rabba (Haggai -2nd Temple Building)
Oct 16th-20th – Shemini Atzeret (8th Day of Tabernacles on Hebrew Calendar + Torah)
Oct 24th-25th – Partial Solar Eclipse (Israel to Divide Land) Last Day of 7th Month
Oct 31/Nov 1 – 1 Year 11 Days from 11/11/2023 (Chesvan 27) + 7 Days from Oct 24/Oct 25 Eclipse to Nov 7/8th Eclipse (1 Kings 8:62-66)
Nov 7-8th – Total Blood Moon Eclipse
Nov 11th – Chesvan 17 – Flood Begins
Dec 6th – Final Noah Timeline Date from 2021
Dec 8th-9th – 14 Kislev (c. 1445/1568BC) – Birth & Death of Reuben, son of Jacob.
Dec 9th/10th – 15 Kislev (167 BC) – The Greeks set up the “Abomination of Desolation” in the Temple.
Dec 18th- 1st Day of Hannukah and 40 Days from Nov 8th Blood Moon
Dec 21st – Mid – Hanukkah Candlestick + Winter Soltice and 40 Days from 11/11 Chesvan 17
Dec 30-31st – 7th Day of Tenth Month (Dec 7th) Possible Taiwan Invasion
Jan 2-3, 2023 – 10 Tevet (588 BC) – Nebuchadnezzar II’s armies besiege Jerusalem; now commemorated as a fast day.
10 Tevet (479 BC) – Esther appears before Achashverosh (Xerxes) for the first time and is chosen by him to be the queen.
Jan 16th – Prophetic Warning of Tribulation- Possible Currency Marker of Collapse
Jan 17th – 22nd – Yuletide Ends at Epiphany Day, I Pet Goat II linked to Year of the Rabbit at Jan 22nd
Jan 30, 2023 – Hitler came into Power – Possible antichrist rise to power Day.
Feb 6-7th – Tu BiShvat 2023 / טוּ בִּשְׁבָט 5783
New Year for Trees

Feb 14th – 24 Shevat (517 BC) – Zechariah’s prophecy (Zechariah 1:7–16) (Heart Symbol on the Face from I Pet Goat II Tank Scene ♥️

A 7 Day Prophetic Warning before the December Events Take Place –

Feb 20-21 – (New Moon – 12th Month) 28 Shevat (circa 134 BC) – Antiochus V abandoned his siege of Jerusalem and his plans for the city’s destruction. This day was observed as a holiday in Hasmonean times.[1] (Megilat Taanit)

Possible Poseidon Missle –

Feb 27-28 – Pandemic Treaty Meeting – The Body today agreed that the INB’s Bureau will develop the zero draft of the pandemic accord in order to start negotiations at the fourth INB meeting, scheduled to start on 27 February 2023. – (Also, major Fire that launched Hitler into Power took place –

Possible Pearl Harbor Moment- America to get attacked-

March 6-7 – Purim for Hebrew Year 5783 begins at sundown on Monday, 6 March 2023 and ends at nightfall on Tuesday, 7 March 2023.

Possible Belarus-Russia United-NUCLEAR Launch –

March 13-14 – Possible (Zelensky + Artic Bomb) Revelation 12:9 ESV – And the great dragon was…
9 And the great dragon was cast down, the old serpent, he that is called the Devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world; he was cast down to the earth –
March 20-21 – Spring Equinox and Possible Poseidon-
March 25 & 28th – Planetary Alignment- Jupiter disappears in the 28th
April 8th- December 25th on Enoch Calendar
April 9th/10th – Noah Timeline Part III – 150 Days since Chesvan 17 (11/ 11/2022)
April 13th – December 25th (Ancient Roman Calendar)
April 17th/18th – Tax Day/ Holocaust Memorial Day – Watch Million Dead Fish Video
April 19th/20th – Hitler’s Birthday and Eclipse
April 21st-23rd – 3rd Night and Day from Passover Eclipse on April 20th
April 25th/26th – Israel Independence Day (75 Years Old)
May 4th/5th – Lunar Eclipse – True Passover
May 7th/8th – 7th Month 17th Day (717) or 33rd Day on the Omer Count
May 18th-19th – Noah Timeline Part 4 (Jerusalem Day) – Rain fell for 40 days, and then water covered 27th day of the the earth’s highest places (at that time) over ~20 feet (15 cubits) and began the stage of flooding until the next milestone.
May 28th – Pentecost (40 Days from April 20th- Ascension Day)

Prepare for the Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Please repent and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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US regulators set deadline for failing bank bids – media

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), a principal federal regulator of US banks, has set a deadline of Sunday for bids to buy struggling First Republic Bank, several media outlets reported on Saturday, citing sources.

Earlier this week, the FDIC asked a number of institutions, including the country’s largest bank JPMorgan Chase, to submit bids for the failing bank in an effort to secure a buyer before it enters receivership. As receiver, the FDIC would temporarily manage the bank’s affairs until its assets are sold.

A source told FOX Business that there are five possible bidders, and the winner is likely to be announced later on Sunday or Monday morning.

According to Reuters, receivership is imminent, given the 75% drop in its share price last week following grim first-quarter earnings and heavy outflows of deposits. Shares touched a record low of $2.99 on Friday, with the bank’s stock down nearly 98% year-on-year.

A seizure by FDIC would make First Republic Bank the third US lender to fail after the collapses of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank in March. Both were shut down by regulators following massive bank runs.

Analysts say, however, that choosing a buyer before announcing a government takeover would allay fears of further contagion in the US banking sector, and ease the stress on the FDIC’s deposit insurance fund.

JPMorgan and the FDIC declined to comment on the reports.

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#Yahweh #Yeshua #HolySpirit #LordAlmighty #SovereignLord #Nameaboveallnames #TheWay #TheTruth #TheLife #TheGate #Heaven #KingdomofHeaven #Saved #Glorified #Endtimes #LastDays #FeastofTrumpets #markofthebeast #verseoftheday #birthpains #Judgement #Christian #Christianity #hope #love #Jesus #Christ

US troops drill for Taiwan war – media

The US Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) has reportedly carried out drills simulating its response to a Chinese seizure of Taiwan for the first time, reflecting rising concern in Washington that Beijing may try to seize control of the self-governing island by force.

The Taiwan scenario was played out as part of the USAOC’s annual capabilities exercise, known as CAPEX, at North Carolina’s Fort Bragg, reported on Saturday. Troops practiced being inserted into Taiwan to help defend against a Chinese offensive, using a concrete mock-up on the base to simulate the environment in which they would fight the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

“The PRC, in accordance with our national defense strategy, is our true pacing challenge out there,” Lieutenant General Jonathan Braga, commander of USASOC, said in a speech before the exercise on Thursday. “Ultimately, what we’re trying to do is prevent World War III. That’s our job.”

The drills included firing recoilless rifles, breaching tunnels and operating Switchblade drones, the media outlet said. The special forces used some of the same weaponry and tactics employed during Washington’s so-called War on Terror, along with “other tools reflecting a seismic shift for the command as it prepares for potential conflict against major military rivals.”

It’s unusual for USASOC to identify the opposition force so directly during APEX, “given the military’s hesitancy to overtly suggest conflict,” according to

US-China relations have deteriorated in the past year amid Beijing’s refusal to join in a Western sanctions campaign against Russia over the Ukraine crisis. Chinese officials have accused US leaders of emboldening separatists in Taiwan, such as when then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi traveled to Taipei last August. China responded by breaking off defense and climate ties with Washington and launching massive military drills in the Taiwan Strait.

The US government recognizes, without endorsing, China’s claim to sovereignty over Taiwan. For decades, Washington has maintained a policy of “strategic ambiguity,” keeping Beijing and Taipei guessing as to whether, and to what extent, the US military would intervene if China invaded Taiwan. However, President Joe Biden has repeatedly hinted that Washington would come to Taiwan’s aid militarily in the event of a Chinese offensive.

Washington think tanks have conducted wargaming exercises in recent months to simulate how a war over Taiwan might play out. One such study was done for a congressional committee by the Center for New American Security, which found earlier this month that US forces would be unable to resupply Taiwan with weapons and equipment once a Chinese offensive began. An exercise done by the Center for Strategic and International Studies found that although US and Japanese forces would be able to successfully repel Beijing’s offensive, they would lose dozens of warships, hundreds of planes, and thousands of troops.

The Tribulation is commencing..

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

#Yahweh #Yeshua #HolySpirit #LordAlmighty #SovereignLord #Nameaboveallnames #TheWay #TheTruth #TheLife #TheGate #Heaven #KingdomofHeaven #Saved #Glorified #Endtimes #LastDays #FeastofTrumpets #markofthebeast #verseoftheday #birthpains #Judgement #Christian #Christianity #hope #love #Jesus #Christ

Biden green-lights deployment to Mexican border

US President Joe Biden issued an executive order on Thursday authorizing Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas to deploy active duty reserve troops to the US-Mexican border as needed to fight the illegal drug trade.

“The authorities that have been invoked will ensure the Department of Defense can properly sustain its support of the Department of Homeland Security concerning international drug trafficking along the Southwest Border,” Biden wrote in a message to Congress accompanying the order.

The measure is a response to the White House’s declaration of a national emergency in December 2021 regarding International drug trafficking. The president blamed “drug cartels, transnational criminal organizations, and their facilitators” for bringing “illicit drugs and precursor chemicals” and “drug-related violence” into American communities and imposed sanctions on senior cartel figures.

A growing number of Republican politicians including former president Donald Trump have called for a military solution to the cartel problem. A group of 20 Republican congressmen last month introduced a bill that would designate the Gulf Cartel, Cartel de Noreste, Cartel de Sinaloa, and Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generacion as “foreign terrorist organizations,” echoing a similar bill from the Senate that would label nine such organizations as terrorists and put together a task force dedicated to dismantling them. The attorneys general of 21 US states had previously petitioned the Biden administration to designate cartels as terrorist organizations.

However, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopes Obrador has argued the fentanyl crisis killing tens of thousands of Americans per year is the result of societal weaknesses north of the border and Chinese fentanyl being shipped to North America. He excoriated the US Drug Enforcement Agency earlier this month for infiltrating the Sinaloa cartel without his government’s knowledge, warning such actions put Mexican and American lives in danger.

Also on Thursday, the State Department unveiled a new migration policy seeking to compensate for the rollback of Section 42, a Trump-era public health order that allowed Customs and Border Patrol to turn back many of the migrants who arrived at the US’ southern border. Already facing a record 2.76 million illegal crossings last year, Customs and Border Patrol fears being overwhelmed by as many as 13,000 crossing attempts per day.

The Tribulation is commencing..

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

#Yahweh #Yeshua #HolySpirit #LordAlmighty #SovereignLord #Nameaboveallnames #TheWay #TheTruth #TheLife #TheGate #Heaven #KingdomofHeaven #Saved #Glorified #Endtimes #LastDays #FeastofTrumpets #markofthebeast #verseoftheday #birthpains #Judgement #Christian #Christianity #hope #love #Jesus #Christ

Say Goodbye to Smartphones; the Revolutionary Humane AI Wearable Is Here! – (Profane Ai spirit)

In case you didn’t know, Humane is a top-secret tech startup that was founded by ex-Apple vets Bethany Bongiorno and Imran Chaudhri. And the team has just shown off the game-changing Humane AI projector at a TED talk. 

The TED talk started off with a quick summary of how fast AI is evolving. Chaudhri even did a shout-out on Bill Gates’s prediction on how AI will be as profound as the graphical user interface that ushered in the personal computing space. With that, the founder showed off the Humane AI project and all the things that it can do.

Things That Humane AI Wearable Can Do
One thing is quite obvious; the Humane AI project is coming after smartphones. According to Chaudhri, the Humane AI wearable interacts with the world exactly the way you interact with it.

The wearable device hears what you hear and sees what you see. The wearable will fade “into the background of your life. But yes, Chaudhri did emphasize privacy, which will be the first priority for the device.

Phone Function
In the TED talk, Chaudhri raised his hand, and the wearable displayed a proper incoming call interface. Here, you need to note one thing. That is: the AI wearable does not need to be paired with a smartphone. Nor will you need any other device connected to it for it to work.

Translation Feature
The demo of the Humane AI projector showed off a translation feature. That is, the wearable will be able able to translate into another language. But the important takeaway is that the device will utilize your voice model to deliver natural conversation capabilities.

According to Axios, Chaudhri could translate his voice to French from English using the Humane AI projector. And as stated above, the demo of the translation feature utilized the AI-generated version of Chaudhri’s own voice.

Ali, a Journalist, described two additional features of the Humane AI wearable in the TED talk. Among them, there is the “catch me up” feature. It scrapes your meetings, events, and other things to give you a quick list. This list will let you get a glimpse of everything that you have missed.

At the TED talk, the Humane AI projector was able to give Chaudhri a recap of all the important pieces of info without bombarding him with notifications. In addition to that, the wearable has the ability to answer all your daily questions. For example, Chaudhri tapped into the wearable and asked for places where he could grab a gift for his wife quickly.

The wearable replied with a location close by that’s the best pick for gift shopping. In other words, the Humane AI wearable can work as an alternative to Siri or Google Assistant you have on your smartphone.

Micheal Mofina, who caught the TED talk live before the link was removed, shared an interesting video that showcases another Humane AI wearable feature. It showcases how the wearable can help you avoid foods that are bad for your health.

In the demo, Chaudhri took out a candy bar and held it in front of the device. He tapped on the wearable device and asked, “Can I eat this?.” The AI wearable device pointed out that the candy bar contains cocoa butter, which Chaudhri should avoid, given his intolerance.

That is, the Humane AI wearable knows what is best for you and makes sure that you are in total control of your food intake. Interestingly, Chaudhri tapped on the device and said, “I’m gonna eat it anyway.” The AI replied with some humor, “Enjoy it.”

At this stage of the Humane AI wearable, people are speculating it to be a projector of sorts, and that actually appears to be the case. According to Chaudhri, “AI will be the driving force behind the next leap in device design.”

Chaudri adds that the experience with the Humane AI wearable will be “screenless, seamless, and sensing.” It will offer you access to the power of computing while being present in your life. The device will fix “a balance that’s felt out of place for some time now.”

At the demo, Chaudri showed off the Humane AI wearable as a device that’s attached to his jacket. There is a pair (or more) of a sensor and a camera. But as Mofia points out, Chaudri shared that the wearable will not have a “wake word” like Alexa or Siri. And that’s quite evident as Chaudri was tapping the device during the demo.

The Humane AI projector also has LED Lights, which will indicate when the device is listening. It can also work as a notification light, alerting you when there is an incoming call, for example.

Another key takeaway from the Humane AI wearable demo is that the device addresses the need to replace screens. As Chaudri describes, “For the human-technology relationship to actually evolve beyond screens, we need something radically different.”

A lot of Twitter users have raised some crucial questions regarding how the Humane AI projector works. For example, there are concerns regarding how much it will weigh and whether it will weigh down a light shirt. Moreover, people are curious about the attaching process.

The TED talk did not share in-depth details regarding these concerns. However, we surely hope that Humane will come forward and showcase its device in its full form pretty soon.

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Russia vows firm response to Poland’s seizure of embassy school – FOREIGN POLICY – TASS

MOSCOW, April 29. /TASS/. The Polish authorities’ intrusion into the Russian embassy’s school in Warsaw won’t be left without Moscow’s firm response and consequences for Poland, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Saturday.

“Such a brazen step by Warsaw that goes beyond civilized inter-state relations won’t be left without our firm response and consequences for the Polish authorities and Poland’s interests in Russia. The initiators of such contradictory and inflammatory ideas must be aware of that,” the ministry said in the wake of the Russian embassy school’s seizure in Warsaw.

Russia deems the Polish authorities’ intrusion into the Russian embassy school in Warsaw as a violation of the 1961 Vienna convention, the ministry said.

“We deem these new hostile actions by the Polish authorities as a flagrant violation of the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and a new encroachment on the Russian diplomatic property in Poland,” the statement reads.

Adviser-councilor at the Russian embassy in Poland Andrey Ordash told TASS earlier that the Polish authorities had demanded that the staff of the Russian school at the embassy in Warsaw vacate the building by 7 p.m. He said that there were 29 people, including children in the school.

The Russian councilor added that the Polish authorities allowed the embassy staff “to take out equipment within a week.”.

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