The Moon in Cetus on May 15th (Strike on the Water)

Today, May 10th, the Lord told me to take a look at where the Moon will be on May 15th.

When I took a look, it showed that only on May 15th, that the Moon will be in Cetus.

I wasn’t sure what Cetus was in the Stellarium, so the Spirit guided me to take a look.

The important part to see here is that it was the SIZE OF A SHIP. With knowledge that we are expecting a catastrophe on that day, from the Time Traveller message, this alerted me to go look for WAR SHIPS related to Cetus.

On May 15, he claims a “750ft high tsunami” will hit the US West Coast, devastating San Francisco.

He claims: “It causes hundreds of billions in damage and thousands of families have to say bye to their loved ones.”

I searched the internet for CETUS and War Ships and sure enough there was a Project Cetus by the UK for underwater drones.

We are aware that there are underwater drones that can cause Tsunamis, as Russia has that capability and North Korea does as well.

We recently heard that Nations like France and others that are Allies to the US will take part in striking the United States, so this knowledge is in alignment for what will soon take place against the US and a catastrophe to hit the West Coast.

Recently, God’s Roadmap to the End pointed to May 15th, as a possible Passover Date, which the Lord is showing us that major strike against His Enemies could take place on this day.

The Tribulation is commencing..

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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