NewsBreak: Nuclear submarine leaves port after refit delay (May 15th attack on the West Coast)

A nuclear submarine has left Devonport dockyard after a seven and a half year refit.

The 492ft (150m)-long HMS Vanguard arrived for maintenance in December 2015 for a three and a half year refit and an unscheduled refuelling with a new nuclear core.

The submarine, which is one of the four Trident submarines that maintain the UK’s nuclear deterrent, left on Wednesday and will rejoin the deterrence force after trials and training of her team, the Royal Navy said.

A spokesperson said: “It is UK policy that we do not comment on the specific details or timings of submarine activity or operations.”

HMS Vanguard is the lead boat of four Vanguard-class submarines that carry up to 16 Trident ballistic missiles that can hold multiple nuclear warheads.

One of the four Vanguard submarines is always at sea while another is kept at high readiness.

Luke Pollard, Plymouth Sutton and Devonport MP and shadow armed forces minister, said: “It is good to see HMS Vanguard finally at sea again and I want to thank all the skilled workers at Devonport for their efforts.

“What we do in Plymouth is unique and world-class, but we must acknowledge the MoD’s mismanagement of this refit process.

“Ministers allowed this project to run over-budget and take twice as long as similar work on HMS Victorious, Vigilant and Vengeance.”

The Moon in Cetus on May 15th (Strike on the Water)

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