Hal Turner Radio Show – FACEBOOK Deletes “Jesus . . .” as “Hate Speech”..


A FACEBOOK user named Billy Hallowell posted “Jesus Died So You Can Live” on his account, and found it was DELETED by Facebook as “Hate Speech.”

Hallowell shared about this on Twitter, backed up by screenshots, and a comment stating that the incident was, in his opinion, “very, very bizarre.”

But there’s also been an appeals process, which didn’t help. Whoever/whatever reviews these complaints over on Facebook, stuck to their guns.

Hallowell first clicked “post” on Facebook around April 2 (so that would have been around Easter time, making the message he was trying to spread more pertinent). But the post quickly got flagged for allegedly violating community hate speech policy – and received a warning that it could be “reviewed.”

At that point, the punishment that Facebook’s censoring machine thought fit the “crime” was to make the post invisible to anyone but the author.

That Jesus died so his followers could live – like the notion or not – is just the principle of the religion.

So instead of justifying the extreme downrank of the – factual in that sense – post with, “we have these (hate speech) standards so that everyone feels safe, respected and welcome” – perhaps a non-mindless Facebook “moderation” system would have understood it was precisely reactions like these that made Christians feel neither “safe, respected, nor welcome.”

Then it got worse. The post was deleted altogether after an “appeal.”

Your appeal was reviewed,” claimed Facebook, adding, “We are unable to show content that goes against our community standards on hate speech.”

The Tribulation is commencing..

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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