Radioactive cloud from Ukraine’s eliminated munitions drifts to Europe — Security Council – World – TASS..

SYKTYVKAR, May 19. /TASS/. The destruction of depleted uranium munitions supplied by the West to Ukraine has caused a radioactive cloud that is drifting towards Europe, Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev said at a conference in Syktyvkar on Friday.

He drew attention to the fact that US President Joe Biden arrived in Japan on Thursday to attend the G7 summit.

“Including to uphold, as the Americans believe, ‘common democratic values.’ The heads of Western countries under US pressure will also discuss aid to Ukraine,” Patrushev pointed out.

He noted that “the Americans have ‘helped’ other countries in this way more than once in history.

“They ‘helped’ Ukraine too, by putting pressure on their satellites and supplying depleted uranium munitions. Their elimination has caused a radioactive cloud that is now moving towards Western Europe. An increase in radiation levels has already been registered in Poland,” Patrushev warned.

In addition, he continued, “the US is developing and already using chemical and biological weapons, including in Ukraine.”

Patrushev recalled that in August 1945, without any military necessity, the US dropped A-bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which caused “disastrous consequences and the death of a huge number of civilians.”

“They didn’t apologize! And they are not going to apologize for what they have done. They keep brainwashing the Japanese to make them think that it was the Soviet Union, not the United States, that used nuclear weapons against them,” Patrushev stated. “That’s what American aid and democracy is all about!”.

The Tribulation is commencing..

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