6.8-magnitude quake hits Prince Edward Islands region -Hal TurnerRadioShow- (Hydrogen Bomb Coming)



A strong Magnitude 6.8 earthquake has just taken place 1528.1km southeast of East London, South Africa (Prince Edward Islands). It took place at a shallow depth of only 10km. Problem is, this is the approximate “Antipode” for the Cascadia Subduction Zone off Vancouver, Seattle, and much of northern California.

There is a school of thought that holds when a major earthquake takes place on one side of the world, it directly affects its “antipode” which is the precise location on the exact opposite side of the planet.

According to the Antipode map, A Quake in this area off South Africa has its Antipode around Vancouver, BC, CANADA. Since the antipode effect can vary from precise, the entire Cascadia Subduction Zone is now in the crosshairs:

Quite often, a major earthquake on one side of the planet causes another one, afterwards, very near the exact opposite side of the planet. If that holds true, the Cascadia Subduction Zone of the US West Coast, could be in for quite a ride.

Then some hours later, a 5.5 Earthquake hits at the Cascadia, as well as a 6.1 at the Solomon Islands.

After seeing this Earthquake take place at the location of Prince Edward Islands“; the name rang in my spirit.

The Spirit prompted me to look deeper and I saw a connection to Nuclear testing in this area related to Hydrogen Bombs.

Either the Lord is informing me that they are testing Hydrogen Bombs or a New Type of Hydrogen Bomb; or this is an Announcement” that the Hydrogen Bombs will soon be unleashed.

I believe this is related to Project Cetus and the soon attack on America, including “man-made” disasters like the one we expect to hit the West Coast at the Cascadia related to Project Cetus and the underwater nuclear drones.

With the Solomon Island’s also having a large quake, the attack most likely is coming from that location.

The Moon in Cetus on May 15th (Strike on the Water)

Let’s take a look at what He showed me..

May 22, 1960 – Largest Earthquake ever – A 9.5 Earthquake in Chile

The Tribulation is commencing..

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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