ABC13 viewer sends video of ‘fish kill’ near Bryan Beach in Freeport, experts reveal it’s due to low oxygen event | (Plague Warnings Manifesting)

FREEPORT, Texas (KTRK) — Thousands of dead fish could be seen washing ashore in Freeport in a video sent to ABC13 on Friday, and officials are now warning the public to avoid the area.

This happened on Bryan Beach, near the mouth of the Brazos River.

A spokesperson with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department said the fish kill was due to a “low dissolved oxygen event.” They estimate tens of thousands of fish have been impacted.

On Saturday, more fish were seen washing up, causing officials to recommend to beachgoers to avoid the area and to not enter the water until the area is cleared.

Officials said the species most impacted was Gulf menhaden, adding that these events are common in the summer when temperatures increase.

If there isn’t enough oxygen in the water, fish can’t “breathe,” the department explained.

Before a kill event occurs, the fish will usually try to get oxygen by gulping at the water’s surface early in the morning.

According to experts, some fish may also lie at the bottom or the edge of the water.

Mormon crickets swarmed an Idaho roadway on June 5, footage shows, as millions of the insects descended on neighboring Nevada.

Footage by Lisa Van Horne shows the bugs covering a road as she drives along. Van Horne said the video was taken a few miles outside of the ghost town Silver City in Owyhee County. “I think I may have killed a few,” she wrote on Facebook.

According to KSL News, six counties in Nevada have been plagued by the crickets, which are “flightless, ground-dwelling insects,” according to the University of Nevada.

“In large numbers, their feeding can contribute to soil erosion, poor water quality, nutrient depleted soils, and potentially cause damage to range and cropland ecosystems,” the university said, explaining that the insects “are not true crickets; they are shield-backed, short-winged katydids that resemble fat grasshoppers that cannot fly.”

The Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) offers a Mormon Cricket and Grasshopper Control Program designed to help the public mitigate the insects.

“This program is managed by the ISDA Invasive Species program, however, grasshoppers and Mormon crickets are native species in Idaho,” the ISDA said.

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