NewsBreak: Russian State TV Chief Says Vladimir Putin is Planning to Threaten Strikes Against NATO Over Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin is reportedly planning to make threats against NATO member nations regarding their support for Ukraine, has learned.

Margarita Simonyan , editor-in-chief of Russia Today, made the prediction. Simonyan claimed that Russia has the right to declare NATO countries as legitimate targets. She also stated that she does not see another option to resolve the Ukraine spat.

“One morning we’ll wake up to find out that last night Vladimir Putin has declared an ultimatum, saying that if F-16 jets taking off from the airfields of such countries continue striking Russian territory—if such and such weapons, shipped from the ports of such and such countries, continue being supplied, then we will consider these airfields and these ports legitimate war targets,” Simonyan said.

Simonyan’s comments were posted and translated on Twitter by Anton Gerashchenko , an adviser to Ukraine’s minister of internal affairs, who labeled Simonyan a “Russian propagandist.”

“Simonyan is convinced,” Gerashchenko tweeted. “She thinks Putin will issue an ultimatum to countries that support Ukraine.”

The Russia-Ukraine conflict has led to increasingly strained relations between Putin and other European leaders. The West has condemned the invasion, which began in February 2020, as lacking justification and violating international norms. Despite this, many allies have offered Kyiv billions of dollars in military aid, which has reportedly helped turn the tide of the war in favor of the Ukrainians.

Russia reacted angrily, accusing NATO of crossing red lines by providing Ukraine with weapons, some of which have allegedly been used within Russian borders.

Simonyan’s RT, among other Russian state media outlets, has primarily followed the Kremlin’s stance on the conflict with Ukraine. They’ve even headlines for previous threats against the West, warning of a potential “complete destruction” of Ukraine with a “nuclear strike.”

As RadarOnline reported, Russian authorities said that multiple unmanned aerial vehicles attacked Moscow last month, blaming Ukraine for the strike.

Ukraine denied its involvement in the attack, and White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters that the US does not support attacks inside of Russia.

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