NATO Officials: “At 100 km from Kiev Wagner’s forces – Prigozhin will attack” – Redeployment of Russian forces via “Maskirovka” – WarNews247

The arrival of G. Prigozhin in Belarus raised the alarm in the USA, Britain, Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine. Officials of these countries informed that Prigozhin’s forces are targeting Kiev.

Already within 24 hours all countries bordering Belarus are revising security measures and preparing for the worst case scenario: Prigozhin will move Wagner forces (they already take it for granted) into Belarus reinforced with Belarusian soldiers and attack Kiev.

If this is true, then the biggest grosso trick of all time is unfolding before our eyes, orchestrated by B. Putin. A “Maskirovka” (Soviet art of deception) taken from KGB manuals.

The British ex-AGEETHA is sure of this development.

Already as reported by British, Polish Lithuanians, ” Prigozin’s forces are now 100 km from Kiev from where they were 300 km from Moscow”.

The president of Lithuania, Gitanas Nauseda, stressed that NATO should reinforce the eastern flank if Prigozhin or soldiers of the Wagner group end up in Belarus.

Similarly, a British General and A/GETHA reported that “Wagner’s forces are now 100 kilometers from Kiev and could lead the attack from Belarus. “Kiev is already in serious danger”!

Another very important factor is the transfer of Russian tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus.

This new development worries the West and NATO more and more. Nuclear power and Prigozhin are troubling…

British A/GEETHA: Kiev is in grave danger – Wagner will attack”!

In more detail, the former chief of the United Kingdom’s General Staff, Lord Dunnatt, warned that if Prigozhin takes his forces with him to Belarus, Kiev could be in serious danger.

According to the British General, “ what is happening now is reminiscent of a covert redeployment of a large military force, which has received serious political and informational coverage.

It is not possible to hide the transfer of such an amount of forces and means in our time, therefore, a reasonable legend was invented for the Wagner PMC, which will not raise questions”.

Lord Dannatt told Sky News’ Sophie Ridge On Sunday:

“Obviously he left the scene to go to Belarus, but is this the end of Prigozhin and the Wagner Group? The fact that he has gone to Belarus is, I think, a matter of concern.

What we don’t know, what we will find out in the coming hours and days is… how many of his soldiers have actually gone with him.

If he has gone to Belarus with an effective military force, then he again presents a threat to the Ukrainian side as he will be closer to Kiev.

I would definitely make sure to keep a good handle on the situation in the north, in the direction from Belarus to Kiev.

The Russians have exploited this in the past, and disastrously so. And it is very likely to happen again. Under the command of Prigozhin and the troops he now has. .

They (Ukraine) need to watch this side very carefully and make sure they have some units to maneuver so they can repel another attack from the direction of Belarus.”

This was stated during an interview by the former Chief of the General Staff of the British Armed Forces (2006-2009), retired general (since 2005), Baron (since 2010), and member of the House of Lords (since 2011) Sir Richard Danat,

NATO analyst: Wagner can attack Kiev!

“The brief mutiny led by the head of the Wagner Group, G. Prigozhin, may have been an ‘orchestrated event,'” said Michael Bociurkiw, senior fellow at the Atlantic Council.

Michael Bociurkiw also speaking to Sky News specifically said:

Prigozhin’s exile in Belarus may hide future “deadly” events.

We cannot rule out the possibility that this was actually an orchestrated event by the Kremlin – perhaps to purge top officials, but also to test people’s faith in the military, other officials.

I can’t see Prigozhin riding off into the sunset with a tractor in Belarus, or digging potatoes there, or going somewhere in the African jungle.

It all ended a little too quickly and a little too neatly for my liking.

Prigozhin commands a force larger than the armies of some medium-sized countries in Europe.

And don’t forget that it has an incredible amount of resources in Africa – it is said that in the Congo alone their annual mining income is about a billion dollars.

The border with Belarus is very fluid. “Wagner could be used for another attack on Kiev, and with Prigozhin there and his tactics, it’s quite lethal.”

Councilor Zelensky: Northern Ukraine was “enough fortified” in case of an attack by Wagner!

At the same time, the adviser to the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Yuri Shak, when asked whether Kiev will monitor the northern side, said that Ukraine has known the danger of invasion from the borders of Belarus for some time, which means that we “fortified it enough” .

“We are prepared for any development of events,” he said.

The commander of the Joint Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Sergey Naev, who also heads the “Northern” strategic command, said for his part:

“The attack of PMC “Wagner” on Kiev from the territory of Belarus will be the last for the company’s soldiers, the Ukrainian army will destroy the “Orchestra”.

According to the Ukrainian general, the troops of the “North” group have created a defensive line on the border with Belarus, which is very difficult to break through.

The Tribulation is commencing..

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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