They distribute RBHP uniforms to the Russian Army: Explosives in two nuclear reactors – Zelensky simulated dropping a nuclear bomb in Kiev! – WarNews247

Radio-chemical warfare suits are being distributed to Russian soldiers nearby and fighting on the Kherson and Zaporizhia fronts.

The reason is the interview of the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Kirill Budanov, in an interview with the British magazine New Statesman, in which he announced a nuclear explosion using dramatic tones.

At the same time, the Ukrainian authorities proceeded to simulate a nuclear explosion in the heart of Kiev, intensifying the preparation for something that seems unimaginable!

The Ukrainian mass media strongly highlights the issue of Russia’s possible use of a low-yield nuclear bomb (tactical nuclear weapon), and not anywhere, but in the capital of Ukraine.

Ukraine: “The Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant Will Explode”

The head of Ukraine’s military intelligence service (GUR), Kirill Budanov, said in an interview with British media that Russian forces have completed their plan to attack the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant.

“The situation has never been as serious as it is now ,” Budanov said, claiming that the attack plan had been finalized and approved.

“All that remains is the final order. It can happen at any time, even within minutes,” the Ukrainian official said of the possibility of a Russian attack on the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, which is currently under the control of Russian forces.

According to the head of GUR, the cooling tank of the station was mined by Russian troops.

Without cooling, nuclear reactors can melt down in a period of ten hours to 14 days.

Ukrainian intelligence has determined that Russian forces have transported vehicles with explosives to reactors 4 and 6 of the plant.

Ukraine proceeded to simulate dropping a 15 kiloton bomb in Kiev!

According to Ukrainian media, the Kyiv authorities, on the orders of V. Zelensky, proceeded to simulate a nuclear explosion in the country’s capital, Kyiv.

Ukrainian officials have released a map depicting the aftermath of a nuclear bomb explosion showing the radius of damage and the spread of radiation.

Here is the calculation of the consequences of the explosion in Kiev of a 15 kiloton nuclear bomb:

-All living things will die within a 230 meter radius of the epicenter,

-At a distance of 1.13 kilometers people will get fatal radiation burns.

-At a distance of up to 1.68 kilometers they will suffer from thermal radiation.

-Within a radius of three kilometers, nothing terrible will happen, reassure the Ukrainian experts. At this distance, windows will break and people will be slightly injured.

-On the right side of Kiev, the detonation of tactical nuclear weapons will not cause damage. Of course, if radiation dust is not transferred from the “mushroom” to the right side.

It should be noted that Ukrainian experts are reassuring the residents of Kiev, clarifying that the radiation will disappear completely shortly after the explosion.

Russian media: Kiev announces a nuclear event!

According to the Russian media, “the Ukrainian government is proceeding with full escalation at any cost and by any means. Zelensky is ready to risk a world confrontation by opening the door to the madhouse!

The reports of the last days and hours in the local press speak directly to this.

The Ukrainians continue to prepare for a nuclear incident. It can take any form – an attack with a nuclear weapon, a dirty bomb, a terrorist attack on the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant.

For example, the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Kirill Budanov, in an interview with the British magazine New Statesman, directly announced the explosion of the nuclear power plant, naturally blaming the Russian side in advance.

Something similar happened with the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric dam, which was destroyed. Kiev had “predicted” the event long before it happened.

According to Budanov, four of the six power generating units of the nuclear plant, which is under the control of Russian experts, have been mined.

A military expert then appeared on local television saying there is no danger to Kiev or other regions if one or two tactical nuclear warheads are used . Supposedly, the right side of the city will not suffer if it falls to the left, etc.

The main task is to prepare society for the nuclear incident to pass from the unthinkable to the category of the radically possible and to create a feeling of knowing the “culprits” in advance.

It seems that the puppet of the West is out of control.

Such an informational activity of the Ukrainian authorities confirms Russia’s warnings that Kiev is preparing a challenge either to the Zaporizhia ZNPP nuclear power plant or to the use of a “dirty bomb” in some Ukrainian cities, perhaps in Kiev,” the Russians conclude .

The Tribulation is commencing..

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