Gigantic swarm of grasshoppers flying into Utah is so large it is picked up by weather RADAR

A swarm of grasshoppers invading Tooele, Utah was so large it registered on weather radar systems. 

The plague of grasshoppers that moved into northwestern Utah late last month it was picked up by the National Weather Service. 

The plague-like surge was captured around 6 pm on June 21 heading northeast toward the Great Salt Lake before hitting Tooele, Utah leaving farmers with destroyed crops. 

‘Every bit of alfalfa that’s in my fields is gone,’ rancher Michael Dow told KSLTV. ‘I planted a pasture and all the seedlings were about 3/4 of an inch tall Sunday morning, and on Sunday evening, they were gone, it was bare dirt’ he explained. 

There have been other reports of insects terrorizing the region for the last few weeks. 

The plague-like surge hit Tooele, Utah, leaving many farmers with destroyed crops

Swarms of grasshoppers can destroy crops in a short amount of time, quickly eating their way through fields of  wheat, spinach, corn and other plants. 

The insects also bite, but this is usually more irritating than serious as the bites tend to cause mild discomfort. Many humans don’t even realize they have been bitten by a grasshopper. 

Scientists were able to recognize the radar movement in Utah as grasshoppers because the group was very ‘non-uniform,’ and weather events like rain and snow tend to be more consistent in shape, meteorologist Alex DeSmet told the Salt Lake Tribune. 

This is not a common thing,’ State entomologist Kris Watson, who manages Utah’s insect and pest program at the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food, said.

‘Grasshoppers themselves are common, but for them to show up on a radar detection — to my understanding, it’s not very common.’ 

The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food provides a grasshopper and Mormon cricket suppression program for producers who need help combating pests, he added. 

Farmers are able to apply for free pesticide to spray the grasshoppers, through a government cost-sharing program, but its utility has been questioned by farmers. 

The grasshoppers moving into northwestern Utah late last month was picked up by weather radar

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