Wagner to enter Western Ukraine – G. Prigozhin’s speech to the “Orchestra” Army: “We will write History – We are starting the biggest operation in the world” – WarNews247


An alarm has sounded in Kiev as the owner of Wagner, G. Prigozhin, during his speech to the Army of the “Orchestra” in Belarus announced soon military “operations that will write History”!

Prigozhin emphasized that “Wagner’s forces will soon return to the special military operation”.

Let’s hope Wagner’s forces are only involved in Western Ukraine and Kiev and not the Suwalki Corridor in the Baltic as the head of the Duma Defense Committee has said.

G. Prigozhin delivered the speech on the occasion of the transfer of the Wagner flag from the base in the village of Molkino to the base in Belarus.

The soldiers were also addressed by Dmitry Utkin, who goes by the call sign “Wagner” and is considered the commander-in-chief and the second founder of the bogus company.

Utkin ended his speech to the Wagnerites with the phrase “Welcome to hell” to send a message to Poles, Americans and Baltic states…

Prigozhin: “This is the beginning – Soon we will start work – We will write History”

More specifically, a video that appears to show the leader of the Russian mercenary organization Wagner, Yevgeny Prigozhin, welcoming his fighters to Belarus, was posted today on one of his official Telegram channels.

The video was taken after nightfall and all that can be seen is Prigozhin’s profile.

In the video, Prigozhin can be heard welcoming his men, telling them to behave well and that their training will make the Belarusian army the second best in the world.

He is heard saying that his men will remain in Belarus for some time.

“We are preparing, raising our level – and on a new path, in Africa, and, perhaps, we will return to the “special military operation” when we are sure that we will not have to be embarrassed

Now what is happening at the front is a shame in which we need not participate and we must wait for the moment when we can prove our potential to the fullest.

We will be in Belarus for a while. During this time we will, I am sure, make the Belarusian army the second army in the world. And if necessary, we will defend the country

Wagner’s name is now known all over the world,” concluded Prigozhin

“This is not the end, but the beginning.

Soon we will start work, the largest in the world, which will leave history”, emphasized Dmitri Utkin, operational manager of Wagner .

And at the end he can be heard saying the phrase “Welcome to Hell”!

G. Prigozhin drew attention to the fact that in Belarus the members of Wagner were greeted “not only as heroes, but also as brothers”.

“I want to ask everyone to pay maximum attention to the fact that the Belarusians welcomed us not only as heroes, but also as brothers. They say that the local girls in the shops are whispering lustfully that Wagner has arrived,” said Prigozhin characteristically.

If what Prigozhin said is not a premonition of business, then we don’t know what else could be….

The transfer of Wagner forces to Belarus continues

At the same time, phalanxes of Wagner forces continue to arrive in Belarus.

Ukrainian sources, citing New York Times satellite images, say more than 100 units of equipment have arrived at the camp near Osipovichi.

At least 3 phalanxes of Wagner PMC equipment and personnel entered the territory of Belarus from Western Russia yesterday.

The 1st phalanx consisted of about 80+ vehicles, the 2nd phalanx was about 90+ vehicles, and the 3rd had at least 100 units of equipment ranging from technical vehicles to trucks.

A 4th phalanx consisting of approximately 80+ vehicles was spotted crossing into Belarusian territory this morning.

These phalanxes will likely support thousands of Wagner troops now based in Belarus.

The Tribulation is commencing..

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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