(WATCH) School librarian in Arizona says the heat is so intense that his shoes melted while helping kids cross the street (Rev 16:8-9)


The current heat wave is making many people feel like they’re melting, and in a way, that is what happened to one man’s shoes.

John Janezic is a librarian at Sanborn Elementary School in Chandler, Arizona, and often helps with crosswalk duties when the bell rings after school.

Janezic was outside Thursday during the peak of the hot weather, guiding kids through the crosswalk. He was only out for 30 minutes when he decided to head inside and almost fell because his shoes suddenly felt different.

“I was crossing the students, crossing the parents. And all of a sudden, when I was done, I turn around and I’m sweating, I’m tired, I want to come back to the library where it’s nice and air-conditioned. As I’m walking back, I trip,” Janezic said.

Janezic said the soles of his shoes had melted off because of the hot pavement. “I’m like, ‘What just happened?’ And I tripped because this part of the shoe was like this,” said Janezic said, showing the sole of his shoes, that had come apart from the rest of the shoe.

The Tribulation is commencing..

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