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Poland prepares for a clash with Wagner’s forces and moves forces to both the Brest and Grodno areas and the Suwalki Corridor.

According to the Belarusians, so far two Brigades have been moved to the border with Belarus and a Division is on the way. 

At the same time, Poland seems to be taking the threats from Russia and Belarus seriously and is creating a new Army Corps to protect it…. the capital of the country, Warsaw!

Poland is deploying military units on the border with Belarus

More specifically, Poland continues to move large military formations to the border with Belarus. Another military phalanx was seen in the eastern regions of the country.

Eyewitnesses filmed a large amount of military equipment moving along the highway.

We remind that the large-scale transfer of military formations to the border with Belarus was announced by the Polish authorities due to the arrival of PMC Wagner units in Minsk.

According to Warsaw, the relocation to Belarus of one of the most combat-ready units of the Russian Federation poses a threat to the country’s national security.

Transports an Engineer Battalion to the Suwalki Corridor 

At the same time, a new Engineer battalion of the country’s ground forces will be transferred to the Suwalki runway, which belongs to Poland and is located between Belarus and Russia. 

According to the Polish military department, the new unit will participate in ensuring the security of the Suwalki Corridor, which, according to Warsaw, is of great interest to Moscow and Minsk.

The Battalion will have to protect the forests in the north-east of Poland.

Polish Minister of National Defense Mariusz Blaszczak is already encouraging young Poles to sign up for military service in the new unit. He even addressed the young residents of Augustow and the surrounding area, expressing the hope that they would join the ranks of the order being created.

Additional troops are now deployed in eastern Poland, including the 12th Szczecin Mechanized Division and the 11th Lubusz Armored Cavalry Division.

But even these forces in the Warsaw area are not enough, so new units will be created.

This Engineer battalion will be included in the 15th Gizytsky Mechanized Brigade, which, in turn, is part of the 16th Mechanized Division.

“We will close the gates of Brest”: Poland forms a new Army Corps

At the same time, Warsaw began to form a new army corps, which received the name “2nd Polish”.

Its establishment base will be the ground operations center stationed in Krakow.

“The 2nd Polish Corps will be organized according to the American doctrine. it will include, among other things, a squadron of attack helicopters,” the country’s Ministry of Defense said.

This means that the new Army Corps will be reinforced with AH-64E Apache helicopters along with the multirole S-70i Black Hawk.

Lt. Gen. Adam Yokes, who previously served as deputy commander of the US Army’s 5th Corps, headquartered in Poland, has been named head of the corps.

According to the military department, his experience with US troops will be needed when organizing a new formation.

“The whole world knows very well that the US Armed Forces are the strongest, best organized and equipped with the best modern equipment. Our goal is for our army to have this type of equipment,”  said the head of the military department, Mariusz Blaszczak.

According to him, the development of Poland’s military power is due to Russia.

“Our goal is to create a very strong Polish army so that Poland will not be attacked by the Russians and scare Moscow. We will ensure that the Abrams and Apaches close the gates of Brest,” Blaszczak noted, referring to the shortest route from the eastern border to Warsaw.

As he explained, the new unit will be the successor of the 2nd Polish Corps, whose soldiers, under the command of General Wladyslaw Anders, took part in the Battle of Monte Cassino in 1944:

This corps consisted of people transported from Soviet Russia to Siberia. He passed through the Middle East and then, side by side with the Allied forces, fought for the liberation of Italy.

For the authorities of the “independent and sovereign” state, the battles in distant Italy during the Second World War are more important than the liberation of their country from the Nazis, which took place with the active participation of the 1st Army of the Polish Army, formed on the territory of the USSR.

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