NewsBreak: Alien-like, Giant Viruses Discovered in Harvard Forest (Return of the Nephilim in the Abomination Shot)

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Tucked away in the heart of a Harvard woodland lies a treasure trove of scientific marvels—giant viruses, so peculiar in nature that they could easily pass off as extraterrestrial beings or, more sensibly, something we don’t comprehend yet.

This newfound discovery shines a light on the sheer variety and evolutionary significance of these jumbo-sized parasites, much more than what was previously anticipated.

To give you a sense of the magnitude of these viral giants: they’re as large as some bacterial species, stretching beyond 2 micrometers in diameter. Their genetic framework isn’t modest either. With genomes expanding to 2.5 megabases, they surpass the genetic material found in certain more evolved organisms.

Although a majority of prior studies spotlighted giant viruses residing in freshwater, such as those seen in algae and the amoeba-infecting Mimiviruses, recent DNA sequencing efforts paint a broader picture. These behemoths are not only relegated to water-based habitats. In fact, sediments and soils are believed to be bustling with these titanic entities.

In a newly released preprint, scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Medical Research, Germany, and the University of Massachusetts, USA, took a closer look at the soil samples from Harvard Forest—a verdant expanse spread across approximately 16 square kilometers—the presence of several unique giant viruses came to light.

Thanks to the magic of electron microscopy, the scientific community can now observe what was once just discernible through sequencing. The myriad forms and structures seen were nothing short of breathtaking. Expectedly, there were the familiar 20-sided icosahedral shapes.

But what caught the eye were the surprises: multilayered structures, unusual points, tails, and even those with intricate channels. Some viruses displayed elongated tubular protrusions, aptly christened as the “Gorgon” morphology (Figure 1). Additionally, many of these mysterious particles donned a unique exterior—almost resembling fur, with variations in length, thickness, and pattern (Figure 2).

These intriguing revelations hint at the vast territories yet to be explored in the realm of virology. How do these giant viruses engage with their host cells? What ecological impact do they have on the soils they inhabit, or in other regions where they make their presence known?

The discoveries from the depths of Massachusetts’ woodlands remind us that nature has countless secrets waiting to be unraveled, and our understanding of giant viruses has merely scratched the surface.

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