Scientists have resurrected an extinct animal that was frozen for “46,000 years” in Siberia (Mind Control Parasites in Abomination Shot)

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Scientists have revived tiny animals called nematodes from a slumber that lasted 46,000 years, reports a new study. The microscopic animals were successfully woken from a state of suspended animation after researchers found them in the permafrost, or frozen soil, that flanks Siberia’s northern Kolyma River.

A radiocarbon analysis revealed that they hail from a prehistoric era when Neanderthals and dire wolves still roamed the world, and that they belong to a functionally extinct species called Panagrolaimus kolymaensis that was previously unknown to science.

The astonishing discovery is “important for the understanding of evolutionary processes because generation times could be stretched from days to millennia, and long-term survival of individuals of species can lead to the refoundation of otherwise extinct lineages,” according to a study published on Thursday in the journal PLoS Genetics.

“Their evolution was literally suspended for 40k years,” wrote Philipp Schiffer, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Cologne and a co-author of the study, in an email to Motherboard.

“We are now comparing them to species from the same genus, which my team samples around the world,” he continued, noting that he is currently conducting fieldwork in the Australian Outback. “Studying their genomes we hope to understand a lot about how these populations became different in the last 40k years.”

Nematodes, or roundworms, are a highly adaptable group of squiggly animals that are often microscopic, though some species are visible to the naked eye.

Many nematodes have evolved the ability to survive freezing temperatures by entering a state of so-called “cryobiosis” in which they essentially shut down their metabolic systems and transform into desiccated husks that can be resuscitated once favorable conditions return.

Scientists have resurrected many organisms that existed in the deep past, including a bacterial species that lived at least 25 million years ago and left viable spores inside an amber fossil. Indeed, some of the authors of the new study previously revived nematodes found in the permafrost Russia’s Yakutia region that may have been 41,000 years old.

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