One civilian injured in Moscow City as result of Ukrainian drone attack – Emergencies – TASS

MOSCOW, July 30. /TASS/. One person was injured as a result of a blast that occurred in a Moscow City building after a drone attack, emergency services told TASS.

“A security guard was injured in a Oko-2 building as a result of the blast. Glazing from the first to the forth floor were shattered as a result of a drone attack,” the source said.

Earlier, Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin said that the city was attacked by Ukrainian drones. The facades of two office buildings of the Moscow City were slightly damaged. There were no casualties.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, on the morning of July 30, Ukraine tried to attack Moscow facilities with drones, one of which was destroyed in the air over the territory of the Odintsovo district and two others were suppressed and crashed in the Moscow City. The capital’s Vnukovo airport was closed for arrivals and departures due to the incident.

Crimean facilities with 25 drones at night, 16 of them were destroyed by air defense means and another nine were suppressed by electronic warfare, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

“Tonight, the Kiev regime attempted to carry out a terrorist attack with 25 drones of airplane type on facilities on the territory of the Crimean peninsula. Sixteen Ukrainian drones were destroyed by air defense systems. Another nine Ukrainian drones were suppressed by electronic warfare and, having failed to reach the target, crashed into the waters of the Black Sea and Cape Tarkhankut,” the ministry said. According to it, there were no casualties or damage.

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