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West African countries take up battle positions. Niger’s deputy coup leader, General Salifu Modi, has rushed to Mali to call for the “rapid deployment of Wagner forces in the country,” two sources told France24.

At the same time, Niger’s army announced the re-opening of its borders with Algeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, Libya and Chad. All five are allied countries likely to send reinforcements in the face of conflict.

A little earlier, Nigeria cut off the electricity supply to Niger and put its forces on alert for armed intervention in the country. The 80mw Birkin-Kebbi transmission line is zero-rated, the Niger utility said in the document.

This action by Nigeria resulted in rolling blackouts in Niger’s cities.

Close the bases – “NO” from USA

At the same time, the authorities of Niger asked France and the USA to close the bases and withdraw from the country. The US refused.

The Pentagon has said it will maintain its presence in Niger (about 1,000 troops) regardless of the “military junta’s” demands to end their military cooperation.

At the same time, the US State Department in coordination with Defense officials is preparing to order the immediate evacuation of US embassy personnel and nationals still in Niger.

“The U.S. is preparing to evacuate possibly most of its embassy staff from Niger, according to a U.S. diplomat and a U.S. official familiar with the discussions,” Politico noted.

Generally, American civilians are leaving so that only the soldiers remain…

An ECOWAS delegation is currently in Niger to negotiate with the coup plotters, the Commissioner of the organization stressed and added:

“The military option against Niger is the last option on the table, however, we must prepare for this eventuality.

Meanwhile, defense ministers in the ECOWAS countries will meet in the Nigerian capital Abuja on Wednesday for two days to discuss the coup in Niger.

The opposition movement in Niger which has sided with the coup plotters issued a statement calling on European citizens to be held hostage until the foreign forces leave.

Smells gunpowder in the area…

The Nigerian Army is preparing an invasion force in the Republic of Niger

According to documents and information, the Nigerian Army is currently mobilizing in Sokoto in the North West, to launch an attack on Niger.

To this end, the Chief of Military Operations in Nigeria, has issued direct orders to all military formations to prepare Battalions for a possible invasion of the Republic of Niger.

A military signal indicates instructions to Nigerian Army, Navy and Air Force commanders to prepare for an operation against the military junta in Niger.

The move comes amid warnings from the military junta of Burkina Faso, Mali and Guinea, which have threatened resistance and a declaration of war against any intervention in Niger.

Statements by the representative of Guinea – Stands with Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger.

“ECOWAS sanctions and threats of military intervention cannot solve the current problems. On the contrary, they will create a humanitarian disaster whose consequences will spread beyond Niger’s borders.

That is why Guinea refrains from illegal and inhumane sanctions against the people of Niger.

We stand in solidarity with Niger.

The sanctions and threats expressed by the ECOWAS authorities will not be tolerated by Guinea.”

The head of Guinea, Mamady Dumbua, warned that ” if someone decides to invade Niger, we will declare war on the invaders and defend Niger.”

In Mali one of the leaders of the coup in Niger 

Today, General Salifu Modi, one of the leaders of the July 27 military coup, arrived in Mali to meet with the country’s leadership.

General Salifu Modi from 2020 to April 2023 was the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Niger. Then the pro-Western president Mohammed Bazoom removed him from his post and sent him as ambassador to the UAE.

The general was actively involved in the leadership of the coup, some Western sources call him the real leader of the coup, although Brigadier General Abdurahman Tchiani, the commander of the presidential guard, is officially considered the leader.

General Modi’s visit to Mali is aimed at providing military assistance to Niger’s new leadership in the event of an attack on the country by ECOWAS troops.

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Italy: Military plane with 87 passengers from Niger lands in Rome

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, an Italian Air Force plane landed at Rome’s Campino airport, carrying 87 Italians and foreign citizens from Niger.

In more detail, 36 Italian citizens, 21 Americans and a small number of soldiers and citizens of other countries arrived in the Italian capital.

They were welcomed by the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonio Tajani, who, among other things, underlined:

“We are happy because we managed to bring back all our compatriots who had asked for it. We continue to work towards a diplomatic solution and our embassy remains open to provide assistance to all Italian citizens who have decided to remain in the country.”

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