NewsBreak: Epidemic of Flesh-eating “Zombie Drug” Called Tranq in the U.S. What We Currently Know (Imminent impasse of the Abomination Shot)

In recent times, the grim specter of an ominous drug, xylazine, known colloquially as “tranq” or the “zombie drug,” has cast its shadow over the streets of the U.S. This drug has not only rattled many cities with its lethal effects but also raised alarms on a national scale.

Xylazine is primarily a veterinary sedative, routinely used for cattle, sheep, goats, and horses before surgery. Disturbingly, its accessibility is a piece of cake; with just a vet’s license, one can order it online without many legal ramifications. The drug has now alarmingly embedded itself in the street drug composition because of its easy availability and affordability.

Its chilling nickname, “zombie drug,” aptly describes the profound sedative and hallucinogenic effects it has on humans, making them appear physically unresponsive or zombified (Figure 1). Furthermore, it can rot a user’s skin from within, leading to horrifyingly gaping sores.

One look at a tranq user, and you can see the heart-wrenching and devastating symptoms; open wounds, blackened dead tissue, and in extreme cases, even exposed tendons and bones. And if these wounds go untreated, limb amputation is inevitable.

These physical symptoms, however, are just the tip of the iceberg. Xylazine dangerously impacts users by lowering blood pressure, heart rates, and respiration. Many who ingest it, particularly when combined with fentanyl, can experience hours-long blackouts. By the time they wake up from this stupor, the high has worn off, and the desperate yearning for another dose kicks in.

Given this, it’s astonishing that xylazine is not considered a controlled substance in the U.S. Due to its ease of access and the high it offers (it’s known to substantially prolong a fentanyl high), it’s increasingly becoming an additive in street drugs, often unbeknownst to the users.

Overdose-related deaths involving xylazine have been skyrocketing. Recent reports reveal that its presence in drug-induced fatalities rose significantly between 2015 and 2020. Cities like Philadelphia have detected xylazine in over 90% of their street drug batches this year.

Despite the clear dangers, there’s a lack of cohesive information, screening, and surveillance regarding xylazine. Testing for this drug is not only expensive but also not included in standard drug screenings, making it a hidden killer on the streets.

Yet, there are glimmers of hope. The Biden administration has recognized the colossal threat that a combination of fentanyl and xylazine poses. In response, Congress has been requested to allocate funds to address this emerging threat.

While the terrifying spread of the zombie drug sends chills down our spine, it’s crucial to remember that behind every statistic is a human life. It’s high time that we arm ourselves with information and tools to combat this deadly tide. With combined efforts from federal authorities, local agencies, and community-driven initiatives, we can hope to tackle this grim reaper of the streets head-on.

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