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French special forces attacked a military post of the National Guard of Niger and violated the airspace according to an official announcement by the military authorities of the country.

According to Niger’s military authorities, French special forces have carried out an operation to free imprisoned members of the deposed government and leaders of terrorist organizations.

Niger authorities said 16 leaders of terrorist groups arrested in June had been released by the French armed forces.

They further add that it seems that the aim of the French was to provide protection to armed nuclei who are going to operate inside the country. 

Immediately after the announcement, the CNSP (Nigerian military authorities) announced in a press release that the alert level of the armed forces has been raised.

“This decision follows a terrorist attack on a garrison. The CNSP is now accusing France of releasing terrorists in the region,” sources in Niger state.

Meanwhile, the US Embassy in Niger has issued an “Urgent Security Alert” advising any US Citizens still in the capital Niamey to seek immediate shelter until further notice and not to attempt to enter the city center near the Presidential Palace.

A curfew has also been put in place for US Embassy Personnel due to the ongoing situation.

Niger: We were attacked by French forces!

According to the Niger National Guard:

Earlier today, a French A400M military aircraft took off from N’Djamena (Chad) and went into stealth mode to violate Niger airspace between 6:39 am. and 11:15 a.m.

This modus operandi is similar to that used by French forces to provide support to their terrorist partners in Mali.

A few weeks ago, the French military freed 16 terrorists and helped them plan attacks against the military forces of Niger, Burkina Faso and Mali in the Tri-Border region.

The terrorists freed by the French army were subsequently arrested during three operations in June and July 2023 (two in Niger, one in Mali) and confessed about the help they had received from the French army.

In addition, the Nigerian National Guard post in Bourkuburku (near Samira Gold Mine, Liptako Gourma District) was attacked earlier today. The exact casualties are currently unknown.

This pattern of behavior is consistent with France’s standard approach whenever an African nation chooses to end its military cooperation with them.

It is worth mentioning that France, which supposedly has the largest European army, has been stationed in the Sahel region since 2013, supposedly to fight terrorists.

However, after a decade, the results are evident: due to the presence of French troops, the terrorists have significantly expanded their territorial control and infiltrated the entire Sahel region.

“Resistance Council for Democracy” – They are going for civil war…

Reuters reports that Niger’s military authorities accuse French troops of carrying out a plan to destabilize the country, adding that a French jet violated Niger’s airspace on Wednesday.

At the same time, Niger’s former rebel and minister of state, Rhissa Ag Boula, officially announced the creation of a Council of Resistance for Democracy (CRR).

The CRR called on the army to arrest the rebels and especially the coup plotter Tchiani.

The new faction also announced that it will use all available means (without specifying which) to fight the coup plotters.

Risa Ag Bulla said in a statement released today that the Council of Resistance for Democracy (CRR) intends to reinstate ousted president Mohamed Bazum, who has been under house arrest since the military seized power.

“Niger is the victim of a tragedy orchestrated by people who were tasked with protecting it,” the statement said.

The CRR supports ECOWAS and other international actors seeking to restore constitutional order in Niger, according to Ag Bula’s statement adding that the movement will be at the organization’s disposal for any useful purpose.

A CRR member said several Nigerien politicians have joined the movement but could not announce it publicly for security reasons.

Ag Bula played a leading role in uprisings by the Tuareg, a nomadic ethnic group with a presence in Niger’s desert north, in the 1990s and 2000s. Like many former rebels, he was integrated into the government under Bazum and his predecessor Mahamadou Issoufou.

Although the extent of support for the CRR is unclear, Ag Bulla’s statement is a cause for concern among Niger’s new military government given his influence over the Tuareg, who control trade and politics in much of the vast north.

Tuareg support would be critical to ensure the new government’s control beyond the city limits of Niamey.

Niger’s Armed Forces, militias and law enforcement agencies across the country have been put on “High Alert” to defend the country from attacks by the French military.

Finally, yesterday’s information from WarNews247 is confirmed.

The ECOWAS Chief of Defense Staff has called for a Force of at least 25,000 troops for military intervention in Niger, with the majority coming from Nigeria and small bodies also being provided by Senegal, Benin and Cote d’Ivoire, with other ECOWAS members possibly to help.

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