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The worst fear of the Baltic states has come true. The Suwalki Corridor turns into a war zone as 4,000 Wagner troops are deployed along with the Belorussian Army.

These forces began military preparations for a lightning advance on the Suwalki Corridor. 

And most importantly: Russian forces in Kaliningrad proceeded to simulate a nuclear attack on targets in Poland with Iskander-M ballistic missiles!

The Russians are preparing to join Kaliningrad by having a nuclear “shield”…

It is worth noting that in the area of ​​the Suwalki Corridor, there are extensive forest zones, a fact that scares Poland and Lithuania. Wagner’s forces can penetrate easily.

4,000 Wagnerites on the Suwalki Corridor

Wagner forces in Belarus are gathering in front of the Suwalki Corridor, more than four thousand soldiers have already been recorded.

The president of Lithuania, Gitanas Nausėda, noted that the forces of the so-called private military company Wagner are gathering near the Walloon city of Grodno, which is located in the northwestern part of the country.

Lithuanian media reports large exercises at the Gozhski training ground, “on the Suwalki Corridor”. This area is literally next to the border with Lithuania.

“Near Gozha, in the Hrodna region of western Belarus, the Armed Forces of Belarus started military exercises of mechanized troops. The military training area is located near the border of Lithuania and Poland,” Lithuanian media reports.

According to estimates by the Polish authorities, there are between 4,000 and 10,000 Wagner PMCs on the territory of Belarus, one of the alleged objectives of which is to secure the Suwalki Corridor that connects Belarus with the Kaliningrad region of Russia and is currently controlled by Poland and Lithuania. .

Of concern is that Grodno is effectively on the doorstep of the so-called Suwałki Corridor – a route that stretches 65 kilometers along the Polish-Lithuanian border and connects the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad with the state of Belarus.

The NATO Alliance currently maintains battalion-level forces in the region specifically for the purpose of protecting the important route. However, these are only battalion-level forces: as of 2022, there was a contingent of 800 US personnel plus 1,600 soldiers from Germany, Norway and the Czech Republic.

Belarus: Large-scale exercises begin in the area of ​​the Suwalki Corridor

The Ministry of Defense of Belarus has announced that large-scale military exercises have begun near the “Suwalki Corridor” in the border areas with Poland and Lithuania, and that the exercises will be based on lessons learned so far during the “Special Military Operation” in Ukraine.

During these exercises, there will reportedly be significant movements of Mechanized Brigades with armored vehicles and tanks of the Belarusian and Russian Armed Forces in these regions as well as drone flights.

The Ministry of Defense of Belarus announced the start of a command and staff exercise with Russia’s 6th Separate Mechanized Guards Brigade.

It will take place in the Gozhsky training camp and in areas in the Grodno region.

According to the Ministry of Defense, during the exercise units will be checked during combat operations.

Drones will be widely used in close interaction with tanks and Mechanized Units along with other units of the remaining branches of the armed forces.

Attention will be paid to medical care tactics, including the evacuation of the wounded.

Impact simulation in Poland!

At the same time, a while ago it became known that the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation simulated an attack with Iskander-M ballistic missiles against airfields and command posts of a virtual enemy at a training ground near the border with Poland.

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported “virtual missile strikes by Iskander-M systems in the northwest of the country. The report states that the operational-tactical system of the missile formation of the Baltic Fleet was used.

As part of the Division’s exercise, strikes were carried out against command posts (command points), railway junctions and airfields of a virtual enemy.

The test of strikes using Iskander-M was carried out at a training ground in the westernmost region of the country – the Kaliningrad region.

The information service of the Russian Ministry of Defense reports that after receiving the coordinates the Iskander-M crews conducted electronic launches.

Russian media report that “in connection with the increased military activity in Poland, it can be assumed that the ballistic missile launches were carried out at targets right on Polish territory.”

For example, from Baltiysk to Warsaw, it is about 280 km in a straight line, while from the NATO Logistics hub in Rzeszow, which is used to transport forces and assets to Ukraine, from the Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation – it is about 500 km.

In both of these cases, the distance can be covered by the missiles of the Russian Iskander-M system. These missiles also carry nuclear warheads which the Russians have in Kaliningrad.

The Tribulation is commencing..

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