Hal Turner Radio Show – Book About Hawaii Wildfires Published BEFORE Fires Were Out!


In an an almost inexplicable manner, a new book about the Maui, Hawaii “Wildfires” was published on August 10 – BEFORE the fires were even put out!  Of course, the book pushes the “Climate Change” political agenda.  But how did they write and publish a book BEFORE the fires were even out?  Unless they knew in advance, the fires would happen?

Here is the ad on AMAZON touting the new book:

More interestingly, look at the description of the book on its AMAZON sales site.  The description says the book offers “the harrowing experiences of people who lived through the fire” and “the heroic efforts of fire fighters and Rescuers who battled the flames.”  How did they do that while the fire was STILL BURNING? 

Not to put too fine a point on this, but the description of “people who lived through the fire” and the “heroic efforts of fire fighters . . . ” was published while the fire was STILL BURNING.

You’ll note in the book description it talks about “the events of August 8-11.”   Look at the PUBLICATION DATE:  August 10.

How did they cover the events of August 8-11 with a book published ONE DAY BEFORE the fire was even out?  

Unless, of course, the book was written BEFORE the fire even started, by people who may have known the fire was going to happen?

Was the Maui, Hawaii “wildfire” a staged event?  Or was it DELIBERATE, to burn-out land owners who had previously refused to sell to developers who wanted to build multi-million dollar residential complexes on some of the most beautiful – and expensive – real estate in the entire United States?

The fact that this book was published while the fires were still burning seems to some people to be prima fascia evidence the fire was actually planned.  Arson.  

Some wonder if the book was perhaps written to divert attention form the heinous crime, and then plug a Climate Change agenda to gloss it over.   

It seems a criminal investigation is required of this fire – and of this book.

 In order that YOU can verify the facts set forth in this story, here is a link to the actual AMAZON web page, selling this book: (Click HERE)


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