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The president of Belarus, A. Lukashenko, gave a significant interview to the Ukrainian journalist Diana Panchenko, announcing that her country will remain 1/3 of what it is now!

According to A. Lukashenko, Putin decided to end the current state of Ukraine. Russia will take Nikolaev, Odessa and reach Moldova-Transnistria.

A. Lukashenko’s interview is extremely revealing and sends a very clear message to Zelensky to surrender immediately or there will be no Ukraine as a country. What will be left will be “anything but Ukraine”.

Russia will take Odessa and reach Transnistria”

A. Lukashenko told the Ukrainian journalist:

“I have prepared this map especially for you (points to Zaporizhia).

Russia will dismantle your forces and military equipment here.

These Nazis, as they say, the ideologically powerful, no longer exist.

They’re all dead. So who is fighting there?

The ones you take from the streets and bring here. They are not even trained.

They are not capable of defeating this machine. Russia has changed

Now Russia has thrown modern weapons on the front. There are a lot of drones out there right now.

It is a completely different Army.

And the most dangerous thing… I don’t know if I should tell you or not.

(please tell us says the Ukrainian journalist)

Russia has a ready strike reserve of 250,000 men currently in training without participating in hostilities .

This is a force greater than what currently exists in Ukraine. Moscow is waiting for Ukraine’s forces to be exhausted to retaliate.

They are now on the defensive. Not because they can’t attack and advance but because they don’t want to.

You can now neither reach the 1st line of defense nor the minefields. You are slaughtered by the thousands.

The counterattack has cost you 45,000 dead soldiers in the last two months alone. Western weapons and men sent by the Ukrainians to the front are being destroyed.

They are now on the defensive and your losses are  1 to 8 on the front line.

And 250,000 Russians are in reserve with modern weapons.

You will crash. …

And then they will do what you and your leadership fear most.

They will advance as far as Moldova and Transnistria.

The Russians will occupy Nikolaev, Odessa and Transnistria blocking Ukraine from the Black Sea.

What will you do after that?

And the Poles are rubbing their hands with satisfaction..

They are pushed by the Americans to take the western territories.

This here will stay with you. And that will happen. The state of Ukraine will cease to exist.

If you don’t stop now, this will happen. Sit down to negotiate. If you don’t want, Russia has no need.

Russia is powerful and no one from the West will help you.

To act according to the reality and the interests of this country”.

“Putin has changed”

In addition, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said:

“Kremlin strongman Vladimir Putin is not seeking to push Belarus into an involvement in the Ukraine war.

If you Ukrainians do not violate our borders, we will never participate in this war…

But we will always offer our help to Russia. He is our ally,” Lukashenko emphasized in an interview he gave to Ukrainian journalist Diana Panchenko.

Lukashenko warned that Belarus would respond to any attack against it, even with the use of nuclear weapons that Moscow has transferred to its territory .

“The only threat is an attack against our country.

If such an attack against our country is launched from Poland, Lithuania or Latvia, then we will immediately respond with everything (means) at our disposal,” he warned.

What he said about B. Putin also made an impression

“Putin is no longer the man we knew. His personal characteristics have multiplied.

Recent times have taught a lot to everyone, including Putin. Now he is wiser and more cunning… The West must take this into account.

Claims that Putin has been weakened by Prigozhin’s rebellion are complete nonsense.”

The Tribulation is commencing..

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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