NewsBreak: Oregon and Utah Announce Mandated Gps Trackers in Electric Vehicles To Tax Drivers per Mile Driven


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The landscape of road taxation is shifting as Oregon and Utah take innovative steps to address the unique challenge posed by electric vehicles (EVs). In an effort to fairly fund road maintenance, these states are introducing GPS trackers for EVs, aiming to track miles driven and consequently impose a per-mile tax.

It is no surprise that this move has sparked debates about privacy concerns and the expanding role of technology in governance.

The rationale behind this change is twofold. With EVs eschewing traditional gasoline consumption, the revenue generated from gasoline taxes  typically used for road maintenance – faces a decline.

In response, Oregon and Utah are piloting programs to ensure that EV owners contribute to maintaining the roads they use. Michigan is also contemplating a similar road usage charge system.

Oregon’s OReGO program encourages volunteers to sign up for a system where they pay a fee based on the miles they drive on public roads. While around 700 participants have joined the program, uptake has been limited. Participants can either manually report their mileage or employ GPS devices to monitor their travel.

Utah, however, has gone a step further by mandating GPS trackers for every EV. With roads funded through gasoline sales taxes, the state is adapting to the rising number of fuel-efficient and electric vehicles.

According to Breitbart , under Utah’s system, EV drivers are charged approximately one cent per mile, deducted from a prepaid wallet. The DriveSync app, integral to this system, offers trip tracking and driving reports, even including a “Driving Coach” feature that assesses driving behavior .

Here’s what the internet had to say:

One user stated, “They may use gps for that reason but I bet that’s not the only thing they end up using it for.”

Then @montana_rancherman added, “Hahaha, never going to buy electric.”

And @donnieowens retorted, “That’s one way to kill the vibe on electric vehicles. lol.”

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