Major crisis with a border incident – Final letter from Poland and the Baltic States to Belarus: They demand that Wagner’s forces leave the country! – WarNews247

Poland and the Baltic states, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, recently delivered an ultimatum to Belarus demanding that Wagner’s forces leave the country and remove the thousands of illegal immigrants who have gathered along the border.

In fact, Poland and the Baltic states directly threaten Minsk with ” immediate retaliation” in the event of a “critical event” as they typically state.

In practice, this means as WarNews247 has already reported, the beginning of a land blockade of the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad and Belarus.

Final letter of Poland and Baltic States in Belarus

Poland and the Baltic states will completely close their borders with Belarus if there is a “critical incident” involving Wagner mercenaries, Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski said today.

European Union member states Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, which share borders with Belarus, are increasingly concerned about border security after mercenaries from the Wagner Group arrived in Belarus at the invitation of President Alexander Lukashenko.

Poland has also seen an increase in the number of migrants mainly from the Middle East and Africa trying to cross the border in recent months and has accused Belarus of facilitating them.

As the head of the Polish Ministry of the Interior, Mariusz Kaminski, said, the situation on the border with Belarus is worsening “every day” and there are “several thousand” PMC “Wagner” fighters in the area.

“We demand from the authorities in Minsk that the Wagner Group immediately leave the territory of Belarus and that the illegal immigrants immediately leave the border area and be sent back to their countries,” Kaminsky said at a press conference .

“If there is a critical incident, regardless of whether it is on the Polish or Lithuanian border, we will immediately retaliate.

All border crossing points that are open until now will be closed,” he said.

At the same time, Lithuania’s Interior Ministry will propose to the government to close two of the four remaining border crossing points with Belarus, BNS news agency reported today, citing a statement by Lithuanian Interior Minister Agnie Bilotaite.

Lithuania’s government announced on August 16 the closure of its other two border crossings with Belarus, reducing their number to four from six previously, citing “geopolitical conditions” weeks after members of the Russian mercenary group Wagner fled to Belarus.

The Polish border guards speak of an “armed attack” by illegal immigrants!

According to information, the cause of the escalation is an armed incident that occurred a few 24 hours ago.

“A group of about twenty illegal immigrants allegedly tried to attack a patrol of Polish border guards from the Belarusian side,” the Polish border guard said.

According to Polish security forces, the incident took place in the Dubich Tserkevny area.

“The border patrol was doing their job when they were attacked by twenty people. Some of the attackers were armed with guns, sticks and stones.

One of the migrants allegedly aimed a gun at the Polish border guards,”  according to Warsaw.

According to Polish authorities, at least 60 migrants have tried to enter Poland in the last 24 hours.

Polish PM: Wagner PMC will become even more dangerous after Prigozhin’s death

“After the death of Yevgeny Prigozhin, we should not expect the weakening and collapse of Wagner PMC. On the contrary, this organization can become even more dangerous,” said Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

The head of the Polish government said that Wagner will now be under the full control of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Furthermore, PMC Wagner will operate solely in the interests of the Kremlin.

NATO state suffers huge military hack – media

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