EKTAKTO – Twist: Romania Informs NATO It Was Attacked by Russian Geran-2 – Will Request Activation of Alliance Article 4 – WarNews247 Confirmation


In an incredible movement, Romania proceeded as it informed NATO that a Russian Geran-2 drone fell on its territory, specifically in the settlement of Plauru in Tulcea County.

This is an absolute confirmation of WarNews247 as it was the only site that revealed the alert of the Romanian air defense in the first place and in the end, the first confirmed Russian strike on NATO territory

“Romania informed NATO allies about a drone incident near the border with Ukraine at today’s meeting of the North Atlantic Council, and the allies expressed strong solidarity with Romania,” the NATO statement said, according to Reuters and Bloomberg .

It was clear from the beginning that the Russian drone fell on Romanian territory.

But why did Romania have to be ridiculed? Just yesterday the president of the country denied this possibility.

It was preceded by the denials of the Minister of Defense and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the country.

For the twist to come today…

There are reports that Bucharest will request the activation of NATO Article 4 as there is an increased risk of a repeat of the Russian drone attack. He will call for new military measures.

Romania: Admitted that a Russian Geran-2 drone fell on its territory 

Parts of a Russian drone fell on Romanian territory, the Romanian defense minister admitted, according to the website HotNews cited by the Romanian network Antena 3 CNN.

“I can confirm that pieces that may belong to a drone have been found ,” said Angel Tilvar, according to HotNews, adding that the area was not evacuated because the debris was not considered to be a danger.

The news was also confirmed by the Romanian Ministry of Defense.

“Investigators detected on the evening of September 5 (yesterday, Tuesday) objects that resemble drone debris,” the Romanian Ministry of Defense said in a statement, adding that a technical expertise will be conducted to determine their “origin” and “the conclusions will be published.” as soon as possible”.

This wreckage was found in the area of ​​Plaouru, a Romanian village located directly across from the port of Ismail, on the Danube River, which separates Romania from Ukraine.

The Romanian Foreign and Defense Ministries along with President Klaus Iohannis have categorically denied in recent days that Russian drones exploded on Romanian territory and stated that the Russian attacks did not pose a direct threat to Romanian territory and thus to NATO territory.

Speaking in Bucharest today at the start of a summit of the Three Seas Initiative countries, Iohannis said Monday’s attacks were war crimes committed “a short distance” from Romania’s border.

“If it is confirmed that the components belong to a Russian drone, such a situation would be unacceptable and constitute a serious violation of Romania’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the Romanian president said, adding that “we are on alert and in constant contact with our allies us in NATO”.

Since July, when Moscow pulled out of a deal that lifted the Russian blockade of Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea, Russian forces have repeatedly struck Ukrainian ports on the Danube near the border with Romania.

It should be noted that the phrase “Russian drone debris found” is a deliberate understatement of the Russian attack.

In order to find parts of a Russian drone, there must have been an attack and explosion on Romanian territory!

The Romanian journalists also confirm! – Statements by the Minister of Defense of the country

According to the first information, obtained exclusively by the Romanian media outlet Antena 3 CNN, several parts of a drone used by Russia to attack targets in Ukraine were found in Romania, which means that the drone crashed on Romanian territory.

The discovery was made in Tulcea County, Plauru Region, on the border with Ukraine, following last night’s attacks on Ukraine’s Danube ports.

Initially, the information was provided by Ukraine and verified by CNN’s Antena 3 reporters.

Today, MApN teams went to the site, including Defense Minister Angel Tîlvăr, to search for the remains of the crashed drone.

“There appeared to be a series of Russian attacks against Ukrainian port facilities and warehouses in a fairly short period of time, so I think it’s important to step up vigilance measures.

We will have more observation points, more patrols, and at the same time, the equipment we use, which technically can cover the area, remains operational and on high alert.

Because we covered a very large area, including the area that was discussed in a public space, I can confirm that pieces of what may be a drone were found in that area.

I am going to Chilia, I was before in Plauru, the prefect is accompanying me. Then I will go to Galatiu, even if it is quite far from Reni”  said Angel Tîlvăr, Minister of Defense, exclusively for Antena 3 CNN.

The head of the Romanian Ministry of Defense expressed a desire to personally visit the country’s border towns, located on the Danube, not far from the border with Ukraine.

It will reassure Romanian citizens living there that they are safe and that the state is able to protect them.

What NATO Article 4 says – Which countries have invoked it

According to Article 4 of NATO’s founding treaty, member states can bring a matter to the attention of the North Atlantic Council (Council or NAC – NATO’s main political decision-making body) and discuss it with the Allies.

Article 4 states: ” The Parties shall consult together whenever, in the opinion of either of them, the territorial integrity, political independence or security of either Party is threatened.”

Any member country can formally invoke Article 4 of the North Atlantic Treaty.

Once invoked, the matter is discussed and may potentially lead to some form of joint decision or action on the part of the Alliance.

Since the creation of the Alliance in 1949, Article 4 has been invoked seven times. On 24 February 2022, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Slovakia requested to hold Article 4 consultations following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

On 26 July 2015, Turkey made the same request due to the seriousness of the situation following the terrorist attacks and to inform the Allies of the measures it was taking.

Poland invoked Article 4 on 3 March 2014 after tensions rose in neighboring Ukraine as a result of Russia’s aggressive actions.

On two occasions in 2012, Turkey requested an Article 4 meeting of the NATO Council: once on June 22 after one of its fighters was shot down by Syrian air defense forces, and the second time on October 3 when five Turkish civilians killed by Syrian shells. Following these incidents, on November 21, Turkey requested the deployment of Patriot missiles. NATO agreed to this defense measure to help Turkey defend its population and territory and help de-escalate the crisis along the border.

Previously, on 10 February 2003, Turkey formally invoked Article 4, requesting consultations in the NAC for defense assistance from NATO in the event of a threat to its population or territory as a result of an armed conflict in neighboring Iraq. NATO agreed a package of defense measures and conducted Operation Appearance Deterrence from late February to early May 2003.


NATO member reverses claim about fallen drone https://www.rt.com/news/582497-romania-drone-crash-discovery/

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