Moscow “plays” with Article 5 and the NATO Secretary-General trembles from his fear: A second Russian drone hit Romanian territory – Bucharest is preparing to evacuate settlements! – WarNews247..

The Russian “attacks” (?) on Romanian territory are escalating as a second Russian drone hit the Romanian settlement of Plauru with Bucharest studying a plan to evacuate it.

And that’s because, according to several sources, it’s not just two Russian drones that fell on Romanian soil.

Residents of Romanian border villages reported that Russian drones striking targets at the port in Izmail have been flying over their homes for over a month and some of them “fall very close”.

Romania is now worried that the drones “do not fall by accident” but there is an organized Russian plan. Moscow is “stretching” Article 5.

Supporters of this view believe that the Plauru settlement should not be evacuated and its residents relocated as this would send wrong messages to Moscow.

In a few words, the “red” lines of NATO went for a walk…

Second Russian drone hit Romanian territory!

New fragments of a drone, similar to those used by the Russian military, were found on Romanian soil, Romania’s defense ministry announced Saturday, while the country’s president, Klaus Iohannis, said it indicated an unacceptable violation of its airspace. Romania.

In a statement, the Romanian president said he had informed NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg about the drone wreckage – the second to crash on Romanian soil this week – and that Stoltenberg reiterated the Alliance’s full solidarity with Romania.

“The detection by Romanian authorities on Romanian territory, near the border with Ukraine, of new drone fragments… shows an unacceptable violation of the airspace of Romania, a NATO member country, with real risks for the security of Romanian citizens in the area” , commented the Romanian president.

“I categorically condemn this incident caused by the Russian attacks on the Ukrainian Danube river ports.”

Attacks on Ukraine’s river ports, just hundreds of meters from the Romanian border, have raised security risks for NATO, whose members have a mutual defense commitment.

The country’s defense ministry said the Romanian Navy deployed search teams after local authorities alerted them to suspected drone fragments discovered 2.5 km southeast of the village of Plauru.

The military has secured the area and the debris will be analyzed, it said in a statement.

It is recalled that last Wednesday 6/9/2023, the Romanian Minister of Defense admitted that parts of a Russian drone fell on the territory of Romania.

Ukraine had announced on Monday that Russian drones had been shot down in NATO member Romania during an overnight Russian attack on the Ukrainian port of Ismail on the Danube, but Bucharest insisted that its territory had been hit.

“I can confirm that pieces that may belong to a drone have been found,” Angel Tilvar said at the time, according to HotNews, adding that the area was not evacuated because the debris was not considered to be a danger.

Stoltenberg “swallowed” it – The worst is shaking…

“NATO has no indication that the drone debris found on Romanian soil came from a deliberate attack launched by Moscow against Romania,”  Stoltenberg said.

“We do not have any information that points to a deliberate attack by Russia and we await the outcome of the ongoing investigation ,” said the NATO Secretary General addressing MEPs.

Stoltenberg stressed the dangers of Russian airstrikes so close to allied territory.

“It shows the risks of incidents and accidents. Regardless of the outcome (of the investigation) what we have seen is of course a lot of fighting and also airstrikes near NATO borders ,” he said.

Today the NATO Secretary General, G. Stoltenberg, spoke again with the president of Romania about the Russian attacks on the Danube and the drone debris found in Romania.

“No indication of Russia’s intention to strike NATO, but the strikes are destabilizing.

I welcome the US decision to deploy more F-16s for NATO air policing.

We stand in solidarity with Romania ” said the NATO Secretary General.

Ukraine requests the deployment of Romanian air defense systems on the border

“Of course, no one expects NATO to invoke Article 5 and fight Russia over a drone that lands in a Romanian field. That’s not the point.

Russia allows itself to use the airspace of Romania and other neighboring countries to launch missile attacks on Ukraine for one reason only. Because there is silence.

Perhaps you need to articulate more firmly the unacceptability of violating your own airspace.

For example, declaring readiness to shoot down those missiles and drones within a certain radius to protect your borders.

Finally, the goal is that it is necessary to help Ukraine as soon as possible with additional air defense systems, to deploy them in the border areas.

This will significantly increase the security of countries bordering Ukraine and limit Russia’s speculative and provocative capabilities. We need simple actions, not the “silence of the lambs”…” said V. Zelensky’s adviser, M. Podoliak.

The Tribulation is commencing…

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