Airstrike messages in Romania: “Stay in shelters” – Geran-2 exploded 15 km inside Romanian territory – Russia’s biggest challenge yet – WarNews247

In the biggest challenge to date against NATO, in general, and Romania, in particular, Russia proceeded as a Geran-2 drone, during bombings in Odessa and the ports of Ismail and Reni, deviated from its course and hit Romanian territory 15 km from the border Romania-Ukraine.

Specifically, the Russian drone hit the Nufarul Victoria area, 15 kilometers south of the Ukrainian border.

Due to the intensity of Russian shelling, villagers in Romania’s Tulcea County received air raid warning messages during drone strikes in southern Ukraine, Romanian media outlet Digi24 reported.

At the same time, messages warned residents of possible debris from falling drones and urged them to remain calm and take shelter.

Bucharest said the country’s army was put on alert while the Russian ambassador was recalled to the Romanian Foreign Ministry.

Romanian forces will be deployed in the wider area to deal with Russian drones.


– Air defense forces moved near the Danube
– Military forces deployed in the area
– EoD (bomb disposal) teams put on 24/7 alert
-Army started patrols on the Danube.

Romania: Russian drone crashed 15 km inside Romanian territory – Fears of many Geran-2….

Parts that may belong to a drone have been found on Romanian soil, Romania’s Defense Ministry announced today following Russian drone attacks in Ismail, southern Ukraine, near the border.

This is the third registered Russian drone according to the Romanian Ministry of Defense.

“The crew of a Puma IAR 330 helicopter of the Romanian Air Force… (detected) fragments that could have come from a drone, scattered over an area of ​​several tens of meters,” the Defense Ministry said in a statement .

The announcement states that these pieces were found on the territory of the towns of Nufarul and Victoria, in Tulsa (Aigissos).

Later the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that “drone debris was found next to a military installation”!

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense had announced that emergency services had received calls about possible incidents involving drones that had fallen in the area. 

So the number is higher…

The Ministry of Defense said it would provide more information when its teams conduct field investigations.

Air raid alert in…. Romania! – “Enter the shelters”

Tonight, the Russian military again launched combined strikes with precision weapons against military targets in Ukraine.

A section of the Romanian-Ukrainian border runs along a small part of the Danube Delta, just opposite Izmail and Reni on the left bank. The Odesa region borders the large Romanian county of Tulcea.

Today, Romanian news channel Digi 24 reported that residents of villages in Tulcea County, bordering the Odesa region, received alerts overnight about the danger during an attack by Russian drones.

Local authorities warned of possible debris falling from drones and urged people not to leave shelters.

The Romanian Defense Ministry says the drone units were scattered over an area of ​​several tens of meters in Tulcea County, about 15 kilometers from the border with Ukraine.

The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs added that they have already sent another helicopter with a team of experts to the site where the wreckage was found. Experts should collect the debris for further study and identification.

Romania prepares shelters on the border with Ukraine

At the same time, the Romanian Ministry of Defense reported that the Romanian army has started building shelters along the border with Ukraine.

The total length of the Romanian-Ukraine border by land and rivers is about 580 kilometers.

Bomb shelters are being built in one of the spots.

The report states that “about fifty Romanian military personnel” are involved in the construction of air raid shelters due to “debris falling from Russian drones on Romanian territory”.

According to the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

“Inhabitants of Romania’s border settlements will be able to use concrete shelters and bomb shelters.”

Earlier, Romanian authorities called on residents of Danube settlements across from Ukrainian cities to move “to safer places”.

Only a few did this. Many stayed in their villages.

The warning mainly concerns the community of Çatalköy, the village of Plauru. Plauru is located on the right bank of the Danube, opposite the Izmail terminal.

If bomb shelters are built, it means that air raid sirens or other methods of alerting the local population will also be used.

See in the following images, a series of concrete structures lined with sandbags.

According to the Romanians, such a shelter can accommodate up to 40 people for a short time.

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