NewsBreak: Putin Orders 3,000 Nuclear Missile Force Soldiers to Run ‘Combat Readiness’ Adding Fears of Possible WW III

Fears of a potential World War III were heightened after Vladimir Putin ordered thousands of troops from his nuclear missile force to run “combat readiness” has learned.

The combat drills were conducted in the Sverdlovsk region and included around 3,000 Tagil Rocket Division soldiers being trained on the “highest degrees of combat readiness” on Thursday.

A clip of the nuclear missile division’s combat drills was broadcast by the Russian defense ministry TV channel Zvezda.

The footage captured the thousands of soldiers training and the feared Yars thermonuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles, which featured a range of 6,835 miles set up on missile launchers.

The drills reportedly covered how to “maneuver on combat patrol routes” in the Ural mountain range — and how to combat Western attacks on Putin’s prized nuclear missiles.

“The missile regiments equipped with mobile Yars ground-based missile systems are actively changing their field positions,” Zvezda reported.

At the same time, they are developing new areas of combat patrols. The field positions of the Yars mobile missile system are securely concealed deep inside Russia.”

The Russian defense ministry TV broadcast noted that “if necessary, the launchers can be located almost anywhere in the country.”

The massive nuclear weapons at the center of the military exercises were accompanied by Russia’s newest remote-controlled demining vehicle, the Listva. The Listva moved along the same combat routes that the Yars followed.

The Deputy Commander of Russian Strategic Missile Forces, Lt-Gen Andrei Burbin, issued a comment on the equipment roll-out.

“During the exercises, we use new equipment, including special support units, engineering units, [and] security and defence,” Burbin said as he noted, “the personnel show good training.”

In addition to preparing for treacherous mountain terrain and Western attacks, the troops also ran drills on “active electronic suppression and intensive actions of saboteurs.”

The drills followed confirmation from Kremlin officials that for the first time, Putin’s infamous nuclear mega-missile dubbed the “Satan-2,” was placed on combat duty.

At 116 feet in length and capable of traveling 16,000mph, the Satan-2 was said to have the ability to “sink the UK” in a single strike.

As Putin’s merciless war in Ukraine continues to drag on, fears that the paranoid Kremlin leader would resort to nuclear warfare increased daily.

In early September, Ukraine launched a series of “IKEA-like” drone strikes on Russia. The successful strikes took place over four days and targeted key airbases such as the Khalino military airfield in Kursk.

The self-assembled cardboard kamikaze drones reportedly destroyed several Kremlin fighter jets and defense systems.

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