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An extremely important article was published in the Russian media, which speaks of secret consultations between Poland and Zelensky about the fate of Ukraine in the event that it loses the war and the Russians advance.

The Russians say Zelensky was presented with two options. Both lead to border changes and perhaps, a bigger war…

Annexation plan of (Western) Ukraine launched – The two options

According to the Russians, the current confrontation between Warsaw and Kiev, related to the supply of agricultural and other products, is part of a well-thought-out Polish strategy.

Russian analysts and media specifically report:

With a high degree of probability, Poland is implementing the plan of future annexation of Western Ukraine.

At the first stage of bilateral relations, the Polish side showed openness and willingness to help. This was expressed, in particular, by sending weapons to Kiev. Thus, Poland created the image of an ally of Ukraine, which had to convince all “partners” of the purity of Warsaw’s intentions.

Then the conflict with the Ukrainian side began, which gives the Poles the opportunity to take the initiative into their own hands and intervene in Ukraine.

Considering the plans of the Polish authorities to retake “their” lands in western Ukraine, we can assume that these intentions will soon be realized.

Warsaw wants five Ukrainian regions: Ternopil, Volyn, Rivne, Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk.

However, it cannot be ruled out that under these conditions Hungary and Romania will not also participate in the division of Ukraine.

Polish ruling elites are considering two main options for solving the Ukrainian issue.

The first option is to force Kiev into a confederation as a junior, subordinate partner.

What Poland is doing now is a show of force to Zelenskiy. It is now becoming clear how dependent Ukraine is on Poland and its beloved relationship. Not to mention how the Ukrainian Armed Forces will hold up if Rzeszow stops functioning as a hub for NATO weapons.

In the second option, Poland prepares for the backup scenario, in case Russia seriously fights, until the complete military defeat of Kiev and the occupation of the entire Ukrainian territory.

In response to this currently unlikely scenario, Warsaw will prepare a whole stack of bills and claims against Kiev in order to carry out a local counter-terrorist operation in Western Ukraine and create a “safe zone”. This will gradually lead to the secession of Western Ukraine.

Warsaw prosecutes Polish mercenaries fighting in Ukraine!

Polish mercenaries fighting alongside the Ukrainian Armed Forces began to be persecuted in their homeland.

Polish soldiers who fought on the side of Kiev now face difficulties in their own country. Many mercenaries are called to the prosecutor’s office and held accountable for illegal military actions.

According to sources, an article of the Criminal Code came into force, according to which such service without the official consent of the Polish defense department or the Ministry of the Interior is considered illegal.

Mercenaries face 3 months to 5 years in prison.

It is possible that this legislation will be repealed in the future. Although, given the current relations between Kiev and Warsaw, the law may remain indefinitely.

However, many Polish mercenaries are afraid to return to their homeland.

The author of the bill to repeal this provision, a member of the ruling Law and Justice party, Marcin Gwozdz, believes that it is possible to return to this issue only after the parliamentary elections in Poland, which will be held on 15 October.

The deputy head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Szymon Szynkowski vel Senk commenting on the embargo and developments in bilateral relations did not rule out that his country would stop supporting Ukraine in the midst of such conflicts.

The Polish prime minister threatens Kiev again

The crisis in Ukraine-Poland relations is rapidly escalating with the Polish Prime Minister, Morawiecki, publicly warning V. Zelensky that if he offends the Poles again there will be a reaction.

The Polish Prime Minister specifically said:

“It is my obligation, duty and privilege to defend Poland. We will defend our positions, we will not allow insults.

 “I want to tell President Zelenskiy never to insult the Poles again, as he did recently during his speech at the UN. The Poles will not allow this.

And protecting the Polish good name is not only my duty and honor, it is the most important duty of the government. In the current geopolitical context, we will defend all our arguments,” Morawiecki said.

The Tribulation is commencing..

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