Dangerous Escalation: The Russians Destroyed a Leopard 2 Crewed by the German Armed Forces in Ukraine – What the German Soldier Said – WarNews247


The Russian military administration made an extremely serious and dangerous revelation. According to Moscow, Russian forces destroyed a German Leopard 2 main battle tank in Ukraine which was manned by a crew belonging to the Bundeswehr.

In other words, according to the statement of the captured German soldier, the entire crew belonged to the German Regular Army and were not mercenaries

It is the first time that Moscow has released information about NATO’s direct involvement in the war in Ukraine.

Why now and why after the bombing of the Russian Fleet Headquarters in Sevastopol? 

Apparently Moscow is “going somewhere” and perhaps Margarita Simonyan’s view of an ultimatum to the West echoes the Kremlin’s planning.

Destroyed German Leopard tank with Bundeswehr crew

In more detail, according to Moscow, there is further evidence that soldiers from NATO countries are fighting alongside the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

RIA Novosti emphasizes that ” these are not ordinary mercenaries, but career military personnel of the armies of the countries of the Western military bloc.”

The intelligence service publishes the testimony of a Russian soldier participating in battles in the Orekhovsky direction in the Zaporizhia region.

The soldier has the call sign “Legend”.

According to him, the reconnaissance unit of the Russian Armed Forces destroyed a Leopard tank with the help of an anti-tank missile.

After the tank was destroyed, a group of Russian soldiers advanced towards the tank to capture the surviving crew members.

What did the German prisoner say?

When they gained access to the interior of the tank, the surviving driver began shouting in German “Don’t shoot” (” nicht schießen “).

The Russian soldier with the call sign “Legend” noted that the rest of the crew were killed and the injured driver repeatedly stated that he was not just a “volunteer” or mercenary, but a member of the Bundeswehr and therefore had a special status.

The soldier clarified that he knows German well, so he was surprised to find a German inside a damaged tank.

According to the Russians, the German soldier received medical attention, reported the location of his brigade and that the tank’s entire crew consisted of Bundeswehr soldiers.

At the same time, a doctor who was part of the reconnaissance team reported that the German had lost a lot of blood, the wound was very serious and he did not have much time to live.

“I told the German that the wound was very serious and he had no chance of survival. He said he loved his child and wife very much and regretted agreeing to come here. We started to prepare him for the evacuation, but after a few minutes he died,” says the Russian soldier.

To date, the official channels of the Russian Ministry of Defense have not published any video of a captured German soldier. In this regard, it is worth waiting for the appearance of such a video and more detailed information about the crew of the Leopard, which was destroyed in the Zaporizhia region.

Apparently, however, this information was released after permission from Moscow and the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The continuation will be very interesting…

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Watch new video of the evacuation of a German Leopard 2A4 with the help of a German Bergepanzer 3 Buffel ARV in Zaporizhia

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