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The Chief of Staff of the Romanian ED, Daniel Petrescu, sounded the alarm in NATO by revealing systematic Russian electronic warfare (EW) attacks against Romanian ships to such an extent that the electronic systems of surface vessels “died”!

Petrescu even speaks of “serious risk of ship collision” implying that all the vessels’ systems were “turned off”. Other sources also state that there were no communications either!

But he didn’t stop there. Romanians describe back-to-back incidents with Russia that could escalate the situation sharply and dangerously.

Romania speaks directly for the first time about Russia’s violation of its EAC

NATO member Romania announced today that it had observed a possible violation of its airspace during nighttime strikes by Russia against infrastructure in the Danube region of Ukraine.

“After the detection of groups of drones heading to Ukrainian territory, near the border with Romania ,” residents of the cities of Tulsa and Galati were put on alert, the Romanian Ministry of Defense announced.

“The Romanian military’s radar control system indicated a possible, unauthorized intrusion into national airspace, with a signal located on a road leading to the city of Galatsi,” he said.

Bucharest speaks directly about a violation of its EEZ by a Russian Geran-2 drone.

The defense ministry added that so far no object appears to have fallen on Romanian soil. Investigations are ongoing.

Last Friday in the middle of the night, residents of the cities of Galati and Tulsa in Romania, opposite the port of Reni in southern Ukraine, on the opposite bank of the Danube, were ordered to take shelter.

About two hours later the order came.

Earlier, Romanian soldiers built anti-aircraft shelters for residents of Plaourou village, near the border with Ukraine, after drone debris was found in the area.

Head of the Romanian ED: Russia launched electronic warfare on our ships!

Romanian military chief of staff Daniel Petrescu said Russia was “actively and continuously” jamming the GPS signal of ships in Romanian territorial waters.

This, in turn, creates the risk of conflicts between them , the general said according to the Romania Journal.

“Russia jams GPS signal of ships in Romanian territorial waters. This entails the risk of ship collision.

Romania and NATO must prepare for a long confrontation with the Russian regime,” Petrescu told the Euro-Atlantic Resilience Forum in Bucharest.

“Increased risk of receiving a Russian attack”

As reported by the Romanian publication Romania Journal, Petrescu noted the existence of a constant risk due to the increasing possibility of incidents on the eastern borders of NATO countries, caused by possible failures of some missiles or drones, which could accidentally attack Romanian infrastructure or commercial vessels located in the territorial waters of that country.

“Romanian infrastructure or commercial vessels in (Romanian) territorial waters may be attacked by mistake,”  the head of the Romanian armed forces concluded.

The Chief of Staff called for preparation for a long confrontation with the “regime of the Russian Federation” as he does not see an end to the Ukrainian conflict yet.

We feel this confrontation very well, especially on the eastern side of NATO and especially in the Black Sea region.

“The conflict of the Russian Federation in Ukraine has fundamentally destabilized the Black Sea region and created a feeling of insecurity among the littoral countries, with implications for the security environment,”  the Romanian general said.

“War is back in Europe. It is a war chosen by Russia, which for Ukraine is a war of national survival and a struggle for Western values. We don’t see the end of this war now ,” said General Petrescu. a statement, delivered in English, at the Euroatlantic Resilience Forum, organized in Bucharest by the Euroatlantic Center for Resilience.

The head of the Romanian army thus clarified that ” the Black Sea has become an area of ​​military operations of Russia”.

“From here, the missiles are launched into Ukraine, into its civilian or military infrastructure. The region has become the scene of increasingly frequent military actions, with maritime incidents and actions that restrict the free movement of ships.

Just last night, an anti-aircraft alert was sounded in Ukrainian cities near the border with Romania, heralding imminent attacks .

But such things do not only happen in Ukraine: warning messages, which warn of the possibility of objects falling from the airspace, are often sent by Romanian citizens living in the Danube Delta, near the Ukrainian ports that are constantly under attack by the Russians. Petrescu said.

In addition, the chief of staff of the Romanian army reported regular drops of fragments of missiles and drones on the territory of countries neighboring Ukraine, as well as a large number of mines drifting in the Black Sea.

Romania is strengthening defenses in areas of the country adjacent to Ukraine

Currently, in the regions of Romania near the border with Ukraine, there is a clear increase in the military presence and the implementation of measures to improve the level of defense, the Reuters news agency reported, citing its own sources.

According to the agency, Romania is strengthening its air defense system in border areas and creating new military observation points. In addition, patrols along the border have been intensified.

Bucharest has extended a no-fly zone near the Ukrainian border as the US sends additional F-16s to the country.

Obviously, the recent massive attacks by the Russian Armed Forces using drones on the infrastructure of the Danube ports of Ukraine – Reni and Izmail – have caused serious concerns on the Romanian side.

The Romanian administration does not rule out the possible spread of the Ukrainian conflict to the border areas of the country, and therefore the strengthening of security measures seems to be a necessary decision of the country’s authorities.

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