American-led world sliding headfirst into deepest abyss, Medvedev says – Russian Politics & Diplomacy – TASS


MOSCOW, October 20. /TASS/. The United States is leading the world down into the deepest abyss, while recent US government decisions illustrate the serious illness afflicting American society as a whole and its loss of the last shreds of moral restraint, Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev said.

“The US-led world continues to slide headfirst into the deepest possible abyss. Decisions are being made that clearly show not only how the decision-makers are hopelessly afflicted with mental illness, but have also lost the very last shreds of moral restraint <…>. [I mean] both substantive high-level decisions and minor decisions, but they clearly cry out that [American] society in its entirety is seriously sick,” the senior politician wrote on his Telegram channel.

Commenting on a remark by US President Joe Biden, who described the US funds being funneled abroad for the death of other people far away from the United States as “a smart investment,” Medvedev said that such thinking went “beyond the bounds of good and evil.”

Separately, he pointed to remarks by French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, who, he said, “did not hesitate” to accuse French star footballer Karim Benzema of being connected to a Muslim political group merely due to the football player’s expression of his condolences over the death of civilians in Gaza.

It seems that, “one can offer condolences to the Israelis, but not to the Palestinians. There should be no pity for them <…>. Children, women, the elderly are just consumables,” Medvedev said. “The Intifada will be eternal,” he concluded, warning that the use of weapons of all types may soon escalate to nuclear arms.

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