The first images: USS Carney fought a nine-hour battle intercepting 4 Land-Attack cruise missiles and 15 drones aimed at Israel! – WarNews247

Much more serious, than was initially said and estimated, was the final attack launched by the Houthis (Iranian Guards) from Yemen against Israel. The Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Carney (DDG-64) fought a nine-hour battle intercepting a total of 4 Land-Attack cruise missiles and 15 drones.

The trajectory of the 4 missiles and 15 drones shot down by the USS Carney after it was launched from Yemen “left no doubt that they were headed for Israel, a US official said, a clearer indication than the Pentagon’s initial assessment.”

A constant barrage of drones and rockets targeting Israel well outside the Gaza conflict is one of a series of worrying signs that the war risks escalating beyond the coastal enclave’s borders.

That is why the Americans did not retaliate against Houthi targets in Yemen in an attempt to contain the scope of the war in the Middle East.

Even though they saw rockets and drones being fired at Israel for 9 hours. The restraint shown by the US is remarkable.

A while ago the 5th Fleet released photos of the interception of the missiles and drones

The American destroyer fought a “battle” of nine hours

In more detail, the incident off the coast of Yemen, in the Red Sea, in which an American cruiser shot down missiles and drones aimed at Israel, had larger dimensions than those that were initially known.

US Defense Department officials say the USS Carney has detected and shot down at least four cruise missiles and 15 drones fired by the Houthis, who are known to be backed by Iran.

The targets were moving along the coast of Saudi Arabia with a “clear direction” towards Israel. All were reportedly launched within a nine-hour period.

Some targets even flew missiles at a height that could potentially affect civil aviation flights.

CNN reports that the USS Carney had transited the Suez Canal heading south as recently as Wednesday. The trajectory of the rockets and drones left no room for doubt that they were headed for Israel.

In any case, the barrage from Yemen to Israel is a worrying sign of the escalation of the conflict beyond Israel’s borders.

The missiles fired by the Houthis were shot down by SM-2 missiles from the USS Carney, US officials said.

Successive attacks against American bases

In addition to protests at US embassies in the Middle East, US forces in Syria and Iraq have come under repeated attacks in recent days.

On Wednesday, attack drones targeted two different US bases in Iraq, according to US Central Command. One of the attacks resulted in minor injuries.

A day later, the At-Tanf garrison in Syria, which houses US forces, was targeted by two drones, which also caused minor injuries.

Early Friday morning in Iraq, two missiles targeted the Baghdad Diplomatic Support Center near the airport, which houses US military, diplomatic and civilian personnel, according to another US defense official.

One missile was intercepted by a missile defense system while the second hit an empty storage facility, the official said. No one was injured in the rocket attack.

“While I am not going to predict any possible response to these attacks, I will say that we will take all necessary steps to defend US and coalition forces against any threat,” Ryder said .

“Any response, if it happens, will come at the time and the way we choose.”

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