Shock video for Israel: Hamas armed with AT4, Javelin, NLAW through Ukraine – Washington Post: “Deadly surprise awaits IDF in Gaza” – WarNews247

Hamas has released a video confirming the information that has been circulating for some time and they said that large stocks of American and generally NATO weapons that had been delivered to Ukraine are in… Gaza!

In the video, Hamas shows that it has a large quantity of AT4 and NLAW anti-tank missiles and rockets for use against the Israeli Army’s Merkava III/IV/IVM main battle tanks in Gaza.

It is known that many of the weapons donated by the US to Ukraine ended up on the black market, but the exact way the Palestinians used to acquire them is not known.

A few days ago, Russian, Turkish and American media had warned Israel that Hamas has large quantities of weapons that it took – unknown how – from Ukraine.

They talked about, M4, various types of anti-tanks such as Javelin up to MANPADS Stinger and others.

Ukraine’s military intelligence service has accused Russia of transferring Western weapons it obtained from Ukrainian warehouses to various fronts in the war on Hamas to blame Kiev for allegedly selling arms to terrorists.

Turkish media: Hamas is fighting Israel with American weapons that were given to Ukraine!

Turkish online media outlet Dik Gazete published information claiming seven days ago that Hamas, in its conflict with Israel, is using American weapons previously delivered by the United States to Ukraine.

The publication notes that the son of former US President Donald Trump was the first to notice, who saw in a recent report by the British TV channel Sky News how one of the Palestinian fighters was showing off an American-made M4 automatic carbine.

Republican Senator Marjorie Taylor Greene, known for her criticism of Biden’s policy of supporting Ukraine, wrote on her social media page that Hamas may be receiving American weapons from Ukraine.

Green called on Washington and Jerusalem to track the serial numbers of the M4 rifles.

In addition, some Arabic channels on Telegram regularly publish videos in which Palestinian fighters openly express their gratitude to Kiev for the sale of weapons.

According to experts, in addition to M4s, Ukraine may have sold Hamas Stinger MANPADS and many others.

Israeli army found Palestinians in possession of MANPADS with the insignia of a Ukrainian unit

In addition, Israeli army soldiers, during an operation against Hamas militants, found Strela-2 and RPG-7 man-portable anti-aircraft systems in one of the vehicles bearing the insignia of a unit of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from Mukachevo, in the Transcarpathian region .

It is no coincidence that the American media Washington Post reported about it:

“The Palestinian movement Hamas may have much more advanced weapons than what it uses today.”

The American publication interviewed several experts who expressed the opinion that Hamas is preparing a “deadly surprise” for the Israeli Defense Forces in the event of the launch of the ground phase of Operation Iron Swords.

According to reports, Hamas has been preparing for a confrontation with Israel for years, developing new types of weapons, including unmanned ones.

According to some analysts, the Israeli military has yet to deal with all of this.

“Hamas probably has hidden military capabilities, which we may have to look at in the future,” said Fabian Hinz, a military analyst at Britain’s International Institute for Strategic Studies.

In recent years, Hamas has acquired a number of technologies to create modern weapons.

Preparing for war with Israel, the group understood the possibility of a ground operation and was ready to deliver a surprise blow to the advanced units of the Israeli army.

We can talk about powerful anti-tank weapons, precision missiles and drones. It is likely that while the IDF is entering the Gaza Strip, Hamas will attack the rear with new rockets.

(…) Hamas may be trying to lure Israeli troops into its territory and then launch a surprise attack on targets far from the front lines using advanced systems,” said Fabian Hinz.

The Israel Defense Forces Command said it was aware of this possibility, but stressed that the country has the “necessary defense systems”.

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