‘Urgent Global Directive’ from Israel: France & US Send Dixmude & USS Hershel Williams to Mediterranean – Prepare 101st Division for Operations – WarNews247


Israel has issued an “emergency global travel warning” asking all its citizens not to travel anywhere around the world as both France and the US prepare for widespread conflagration in the Middle East.

Israel’s move is seen as unprecedented and does not bode well. See what the Israeli journalist says in the video.

More specifically, Israel warned its citizens not to travel abroad due to an increase in anti-Semitic incidents and violent attacks against Israelis and Jews around the world.

“In recent weeks, under Operation  Iron Sword , the National Security Council and State Department have witnessed a significant increase in incidents of anti-Semitism and incitement to violence, alongside life-threatening attacks against Israelis and Jews around the world.”

“These incidents are happening in many countries worldwide, including countries that do not have terror warnings,” the Israeli statement said.

At the same time, the US Marine Corps Forces canceled the events for November 16 due to “Unforeseen operational commitments and the nature of the current mission” as specifically stated in the announcement.

In the same context, the US 101st Airborne Brigade issued a statement warning citizens that from November 6, 2023 to November 8, 2023, there will be increased noise in the area due to an increase in military air traffic.

The 101st Division begins large-scale exercises in and around Fort Campbell.

The exercise is preparation for large-scale and far-reaching operations. The exercise will test the Division’s communications, capabilities and logistical support.

Dixmude: France is sending a second helicopter carrier to the Mediterranean

France will send a second helicopter carrier, the Dixmude, off the coast of Gaza as it works with Israeli and Egyptian authorities to find a way to provide medical aid to people affected by shelling in the besieged enclave. announced the Minister of the Armed Forces Sebastian Lecornou.

Speaking to the France Info radio station from Lebanon, where he visited the French peacekeepers of the United Nations mission (UNIFIL), Lecornou said the Dixmude helicopter carrier would be deployed in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Paris has already sent the Tonnerre helicopter carrier to the region, with a mission to support Gaza hospitals, as President Emmanuel Macron said.

Lecornou said he sent messages to both Hezbollah and Israel urging both sides not to take any action that would make it impossible for UNIFIL to carry out its work.

The US is also sending the USS Hershel Williams (ESB 4) to the Mediterranean

The US continues to develop its forces in the Southern Mediterranean. USS Hershel Williams (ESB 4) is reportedly headed for the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Expeditionary Sea Base (ESB) class of ships is highly versatile and can be used in a wide range of military operations supporting multiple operational phases.

– Acts as a mobile naval base
– Supports deployment of forces + equipment
– ​​Support element for helicopters + evacuations
– Command and control ship

Acting as a mobile naval base, it supports the deployment of forces and supplies to provide predestined equipment and support.

ESBs, which include a shipping deck and hangar, are designed around 4 core capabilities: air facilities, berthing, equipment support, and command and control elements.

The Great Tribulation is commencing..

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