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NATO is preparing for war in the Baltic and Eastern Europe after the collapse of Ukraine. USA and Britain are preparing for the next conflict that will break out in the Baltic.

It is not only three aircraft carriers that are being deployed to protect mainly the Baltic but also the transfer of 54 USAF F-35 fighters to Britain all armed with B-61-12 nuclear bombs.

Today the certification of B-61-12 nuclear bombs was announced for the Dutch F-35s as well.

Recall that the US currently has two aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean-Persian without counting the surface forces of other countries.

NATO is already spread across all sea lanes and controls key points.

A very big war looms on the horizon… The US and Britain consider a Russian move towards the Baltic states and the Suwalki Corridor to join Russia with Kaliningrad as highly possible.

Three aircraft carriers in the Baltic…

The United Kingdom has handed over the Royal Navy’s aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, to NATO command for the first time. This is stated in a press release of the Royal Navy.

The aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth (R08), along with the entire carrier group consisting of the frigate HMS Kent and the destroyer HMS Diamond, came under the control of NAT O Command.

This was done with the aim of creating a “strong operational group” that would be able to control a large area from the Mediterranean to the Baltic Sea.

In addition to the British aircraft carrier, the battle group also includes the Italian aircraft carrier ITS Cavour and the Spanish ESP Juan Carlos.

Control of HMS Queen Elizabeth and the British strike group, consisting of the frigate HMS Kent, the destroyer HMS Diamond, F-35B Lightning aircraft, Wildcat and Merlin helicopters along with support ships, was transferred to NATO to create a powerful force capable of operates in a vast area from the Mediterranean Sea north to the Baltic Sea

Currently, HMS Queen Elizabeth (R08) is in the North Sea, while the Spanish and Italians with their groups “control” the Mediterranean Sea.

US Deploys Tactical Airlift System in Northern Europe – 200 Fighters in the Air…

In parallel, the 435th Airlift Wing’s 1st Combat Communications Squadron began deploying the Advanced Tactical Air Navigation System (TACAN MM-7000) in Eastern Europe.

As CBCS flight control chief Daniel Carter notes, this complex can simultaneously control 200 aircraft. In addition, the system can be deployed in minutes.

According to Chief of Radar, Airfield and Weather Systems (RAWS) Chief of Staff Morgan Giacomelli, this feature of the TACAN MM-7000 gives the United States an advantage in planning combat operations and gaining access to critical data .

It should be noted that the tactical air navigation system was successfully used by the Americans in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. An earlier version of TACAN was then used, the purpose of which was to ensure the transport of coalition forces to poorly equipped airfields.

It is possible that the transfer of the TACAN MM-7000 to the Eastern European region signals the West’s preparation for military action against Russia and Belarus.

Washington may use the air navigation system, in particular, to launch attacks on Kaliningrad, Brest or Baranovichi, Russian analysts say…

The USAF transports 54 F-35s with nuclear bombs to Great Britain!

At the same time, the USAF launched a plan to transfer and reinforce nuclear forces to Great Britain for the first time in 15 years.

Matt Korda, of the Federation of American Scientists (FAS), said that in the 2023 defense budget, the UK was added to the list of countries making infrastructure investment in “special weapons” storage sites in Europe, along with Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey.

It is noted that the new version of the B61-12 nuclear bomb is expected to arrive in Europe this year. The new F-35A Lightning II fighters have been certified to be equipped with the upgraded bombs and the 495th Fighter Squadron, based at RAF Lakenheath, is set to become the first Squadron in Europe to acquire a nuclear strike capability.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova denounced the potential move on September 5, saying that “if this step is ever taken, we will see it as an escalation, as a step that will take things in a direction that is completely opposite of dealing with pressing issue of the withdrawal of all nuclear weapons from European countries’ .

The UK’s nuclear arsenal consists of around 225 nuclear warheads for submarine-launched ballistic missiles. The US nuclear weapons potentially headed for the UK would be the B61-12 gravity bombs.

The United States is currently believed to be deploying about 100 B61 gravity bombs in five other European countries, Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Turkey. Washington withdrew about 110 B61 bombs from Lakenheath in 2008.

The documents… Two Squadrons of F-35s

New US Air Force budget documents dated March 2023 note the planned construction of a “security dormitory” at RAF Lakenheath, about 100 kilometers northeast of London under the term “Surety”. This a term commonly used in the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy to refer to the ability to keep nuclear weapons safe and under positive control.

The supporting documents note the new requirement “ Construction of 144-bed dormitory to accommodate increase in enlisted personnel as a result of possible Surety mission ”

To justify the new construction, the documents note , “With the transfer of aircraft due to the possible arrival of the Surety mission (two F-35 squadrons), there is a significant shortfall in the amount of housing.”

The Weapons Storage and Security Systems (known as WS3) at RAF Lakenheath are contained within the aircraft shelters.

A total of 33 WS3s were installed at RAF Lakenheath in the 1990s, each of which can hold up to four B61 bombs, with a maximum capacity of 132 warheads.

Documents show they may be reactivated soon.

The nuclear-related upgrades at RAF Lakenheath come as the new 495th Fighter Squadron (hosted at RAF Lakenheath) prepares to become the first US Air Force squadron in Europe to be equipped with the nuclear-capable F-35A Lightning II impact.

The Great Tribulation is commencing…

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