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A conflict broke out between the Americans and the Israelis over the handling of M. Netanyahu and his war council in the matter of Hezbollah. The Americans intervened several times asking the Israelis not to “escalate with Hezbollah and keep the agreement”.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin expressed concern to his Israeli counterpart Yoav Gallant on Saturday about Israel’s role in escalating tensions along the border between Israel and Lebanon.

Meanwhile, the US State Department spokesman said Netanyahu has “made comments that are different from the vision that Blinken laid out, both when we were in the region and afterwards in Tokyo.”

“Some in the Biden administration are concerned that Israel is trying to provoke Hezbollah and create a pretext for a wider war in Lebanon that could drag the US and other countries further into the conflict,” said sources familiar with the situation !

It is no coincidence that today Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen stated in a press briefing that Israel has international legitimacy for ” another 2-3 weeks of fighting” in Gaza.

“We feel that there is international pressure on Israel. It is not strong but it is getting stronger”, he said

Earlier, Israeli media reported that Knesset members and Likud ministers are discussing the possibility of removing Netanyahu through a vote of no confidence.

Israel: War with Hezbollah is inevitable

The reason for the intense intervention of the Americans was the information that was circulating throughout the weekend and which was preparing the people of Israel for a generalized war with Hezbollah.

Israeli Defense Officials Say Israel Is In Perfect Position To Go To War Against Hezbollah!

The head of the IDF emphasized for his part that the army is prepared with operational plans on the Lebanese front while the Israeli media such as Channel 13 reported the assessment of the Israeli services that “a  war in the north against Hezbollah is inevitable”.

Israeli A/GETHA, Halevi said:

“We are intensively preparing operational plans for the northern front [Lebanon]. Our troops on the northern border have been put on high alert.”

According to Israeli intelligence:

The anti-tank incident in Dubov and the shootings that continue today show an increasing escalation in the northern arena.

Despite the high number of Hezbollah casualties so far, the IDF sees a qualitative improvement curve in the targets of the anti-tank units sent by Nasrallah. This is a continuation of the dangerous escalation on the northern border and the question is when will the explosion point be reached.

The incident in Dovov developed into a series of chain armed incidents with heavy Air Force strikes on Lebanese soil.

There are constant debates in Israel’s defense establishment about whether it is right to change the current method and logic of action as Hezbollah escalates its actions.

The growing possibility of an escalation leaves Israel in a quandary over whether and when to shift from focusing on Gaza to preparing for a conflict with Hezbollah.

Austin warned Gallant about Israeli military actions in Lebanon

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin expressed concern to his Israeli counterpart Yoav Gallad about Israel’s role in escalating tensions along the border between Israel and Lebanon, according to three Israeli and US sources.

Austin’s message to Gallant reflected growing concern in the White House that Israeli military action in Lebanon is exacerbating tensions along the border , which could lead to regional war.

Some in the Biden administration worry that Israel is trying to provoke Hezbollah and create a pretext for a wider war in Lebanon that could draw the U.S. and other countries further into the conflict, according to sources briefed on the matter. Israeli officials categorically deny this.

A US source said the White House had asked Austin to express his concern to Gallant about the escalation of Israeli military action in Lebanon.

The Pentagon said Austin “stressed the need to contain the conflict in Gaza and avoid regional escalation” without specifically mentioning Lebanon.

However, two US and Israeli sources familiar with the communication said it was a very direct and frank conversation, and Austin specifically mentioned concerns about Israeli military action in Lebanon.

An Israeli source said Austin sought clarification from Gallant about Israeli airstrikes in Lebanon and asked Israel to avoid steps that could lead to an all-out war between Israel and Hezbollah.

Gallant told Austin that Israeli policy is not to open a second front in Lebanon and stressed that he did not believe such a scenario would occur, the Israeli source said.

Gallad also added that Hezbollah was escalating its attacks, including a drone strike from Syria on the city of Eilat, 350 miles away. “Hezbollah is playing with fire,” Gallant said in Austin.

According to Israeli media, the Biden administration is pushing the Lebanese government and other regional powers to do everything they can to prevent Hezbollah from joining the war.

President Biden’s senior adviser Amos Hochstein traveled to Lebanon last week and strongly warned Hezbollah through Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri and other Lebanese officials not to escalate the situation, a source with direct knowledge of the matter said.

During the visit, Hochstein “reiterated that the United States does not want to see the conflict in Gaza spill over into Lebanon and that restoring calm along the Israel-Lebanese border must be the highest priority for both Lebanon and and for Israel,” the National Security Council told Israeli media.

The Biden administration was concerned by two incidents that could pressure Hezbollah to respond in a way that could significantly widen the conflict with Israel, according to the Israeli source.

In the first incident, an Israeli airstrike hit a car in southern Lebanon, killing an elderly woman and three of her grandchildren. It took days for the Israeli military to recognize it.

The second incident occurred the Saturday before the call between Austin and Galland, when the Israeli military carried out a drone strike about 25 miles north of the border. It was the biggest in-depth strike in Lebanon since the start of the war.

Biden administration officials are also concerned about Gallad’s public threats against Hezbollah and believe those threats only heighten tensions, the Israeli source said.

The Israeli press recalls at this point that several days after the outbreak of war Gallant and several senior IDF commanders wanted to carry out a broad pre-emptive strike against Hezbollah in Lebanon.

According to reports, Prime Minister Netanyahu rejected Gallad’s proposal.

America is ‘next’ if Israel loses war – Netanyahu https://www.rt.com/news/587217-netanyahu-america-next-hamas/

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