The “bomb” went off – V. Zelensky: “We will retreat – We have a serious shortage of 155 mm projectiles because of Israel” – The indefinite free aid from the USA is over – WarNews247

Ukraine’s Armed Forces are facing a severe shortage of 155 mm artillery shells due to the situation in the Middle East, Ukrainian President Zelensky said as he announced a withdrawal of Ukrainian forces from the war fronts.

The retreat has been going on for at least a week on almost all fronts from Kupyansk to Bakhmut and Avdifka.

Zelensky gave two interviews, to Agence France-Presse and to Bloomberg, begging for help…

At the same time, there is a…freeze in Kiev, which now sees American military aid not only reduced, but now “frozen”!

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Zelensky: We have no artillery shells!

Zelensky specifically said:

“Today we have problems with 155 mm artillery shells.

In the Middle East, what do you think they started buying first?

They buy 155mm artillery shells.

Our reserves have dwindled,” Agence France-Presse reported.

According to Zelensky, warehouses are now empty around the world and supplies from Western partners are not enough to meet the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Recently the Ukrainian president expressed his dismay that Western support for Kiev could be reduced due to the crisis in the Middle East.

And the head of NATO’s Military Commission, Admiral Rob Bauer, told the Warsaw Security Forum in Poland on October 4 that Ukraine’s stockpile of weapons is running out…

Ukraine cannot wage war.

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Bloomberg: Zelensky announced the withdrawal of the army…

The President of Ukraine has admitted that the shortage of ammunition, caused by a shift in the attention of the world community to the conflict between Israel and Hamas, will eventually lead to the retreat of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Bloomberg claims .

“The focus is shifting because of the Middle East and other reasons.

Without support, we will retreat,” Zelensky told Bloomberg

Ukraine, according to Zelensky, is in dire need of 155 mm projectiles, the supply of which has slowed significantly, which “undermines the military efforts” of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Our supplies have decreased but this is life – and this is normal, since everyone is struggling to survive , Zelensky stressed.

As Bloomberg reported, the United States increased military aid to Israel, including 155mm shells, amid pleas from the US.

USA: Stop the indefinite aid to Ukraine

US President Biden has signed a two-phase funding bill that will keep the government open until January-February 2024.

The temporary measure is the result of a compromise — the law signed by Biden does not include the $106 billion the administration has requested for aid to Ukraine and Israel, and it does not include budget cuts sought by Republicans.

The US will not approve aid to Ukraine until at least mid-December 2023

The US decision to provide new military aid to Ukraine will not be made earlier than mid-December, but the process could take until early 2024, Bloomberg claims.

“New US aid to Ukraine risks being delayed until mid-December 2023, and possibly longer, casting doubt on Washington’s ability to support arms transfers that both the US and Ukrainian governments believe are vital ,” reports Bloomberg.

According to a Pentagon spokesman, the United States has already begun to limit the flow of military aid to Ukraine , pending the US decision.

And Germany suspends talks on aid to Ukraine

The Bundestag has suspended debate on a bill that would provide German military aid to Ukraine through 2024, Reuters reports.

Due to the “huge hole” that appeared in the budget, the planned allocation of 8 billion euros to Kyiv was called into question.

Budget negotiations have been postponed until at least November 23.

The reason was the decision of the German Constitutional Court, which prohibited the federal government from transferring 60 billion euros of funds that were not used during the pandemic to environmental initiatives and industry support.

The Great Tribulation is upon us..

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