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No ifs ands or buts. .I want me some cold cuts!!


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In 1840, the sandwich was introduced to America by Elizabeth Leslie (1787-1858). In her “Directions for Cookery”, she offers a recipe for ham sandwiches that she deemed them worthy to be a main dish. In the 1900’s, with the industrial revolution underway, bakeries began to sell pre-sliced bread. The American public jumped at the ease of making a sandwich. The sandwich as institution was born. Human beings, being adventurous, have developed the sandwich into both a quick and easy meal, and an art form. How long would it take for us to reconfigure the possibilities: we toast the bread or serve it plain; we pile high the sandwich with the maximum ingredients, or keep it simple with one or two.(

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California Turkey Club Sandwich, Hamburgers, Appetizers, Deserts

Nothing better on warm sunny day than cold cuts delivered on a breaded souffle!

Something about cold cut sandwiches just makes me want to break dance!

Maybe because when I was a kid, my brothers and I would come home from school and my mom always made sure to have bread, mayonnaise, mustard, cold cut meats, sliced cheese and bacon as a means for us to have a snack before she got home from work.

We would create all kinds of different sandwiches. Sometimes a bologna sandwich, where I would put 2 slices of bologna in the microwave for 1 minute just to give it that crisp on the edges and bubbled up form.

Then I would put mayonnaise and mustard on the bread and dive right in! This is the 80’s generation classic! I can hear the Hip Hip Hooray’s for all of you reading this now!

Let’s keep going!!