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I have Wet Glazed Dreams of eating some Krispy Kreme!!


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Donuts have a somewhat labyrinthine — and, at times, shady — past. From when they arrived in America, doughnuts have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps — and, thanks to a rather ragtag bunch of characters, they are now one of the most iconic American pastries. In fact, notes that “in its democratic ethods, its optimism, and its assorted origins, [the doughnut] does seem rather quintessentially American.”

Donuts have become the poster child of everyday indulgence thanks to a melting pot of influential characters, historical happenstance, and sweet tooths — and many, many pans filled with hot oil. Dutch settlers introduced doughnuts to the U.S. when they ended up in Manhattan, then known as New Amsterdam. They called these doughnut predecessors “olykoeks,” or oily cakes, which were fried in pork fat. Formed by dropping dough off the end of a spoon, their name evolved to “oliebollen,” or oily balls, thanks to their irregular round shape. Unlike today,oliebollen were traditionally enjoyed during the Christmas season, and each cook had his or her own, individualized recipe.(

Today’s Restaurant

Krispy Kreme – Santa Clara, Ca

Average Cost

It’s a donut..Talking around a buck or so..

Rating (1-10)


Recommended Dishes: 

Glazed donuts!! But any kind you like..

Something about a donut just brings a smile to my face!

Actually, it brings a smile to everyone’s face!

Something about that fluffed design of sweetly battered dough with a nectarish glaze all over it just makes my knees shake.

There are all kinds of ways to decorate your donut.

You can make powdered donuts..

Donuts filled with jam.. Strawberry, Raspberry, Apple.. Yum!!

Or the good ol fashioned glazed donut.

Krispy Kreme by far has the best glazed donut I have ever tasted!!

Let’s talk about it..