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Ethiopia was under Italian military control for a period (1935–46) when Benito Mussolini (1883–1945) was in power. Except for that time, Ethiopian culture has been influenced very little by other countries. Ethiopia’s mountainous terrain prevented its neighbors from exercising much influence over the country and its customs. Exotic spices were introduced to Ethiopian cooking by traders traveling the trade routes between Europe and the Far East.

Ethiopia went through a period of recurring drought and civil war during 1974–91. In 1991 a new government took over, and civil tensions were relieved somewhat because the coastal territory seceded from the inland government, creating the new nation of Eritrea.

Ethiopian cooking is very spicy. In addition to flavoring the food, the spices also help to preserve meat in a country where refrigeration is rare.(

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Zeni – San Jose, Ca

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Keyet Kitfo, Kikil Kitfo, Yedoro Kitfo, Sambussa


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Speaking of exotic foods..

There is an exotic food that may be hard to find in some areas, but I assure you that it is definitely worth the exploration.

Let’s talk Ethiopian food over at Zeni...

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