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I Beg your Pardon..I’m busy eating at Inchin’s Bamboo Garden!


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Chilli Chicken, Chowmein, Fried Rice with Manchurian, the list goes on… And as our mouth waters, we wonder: are these scrumptious creations Chinese or Indian? Truth be told, this newfangled cuisine coined as Indian Chinese actually exists. It’s true, it’s even featured on Wikipedia. But contrary to popular belief, it isn’t all that trendy. Desi Chinese actually dates back to a few hundred years ago created by the small Chinese community from the Hakka region that settled in Kolkata in the late 19th century. And before you knew it, this version of “Chinese” food had tickled the taste buds of people all over India adopting it in their own way, from Chinese Bhel Puri to Chinese Idli, spring rolls in canteens to momos on the streets.

So what really is Indian Chinese? Simply put, it is the Indian adaptation of Chinese cooking techniques and seasonings with a unique tadka. It’s aimed at pleasing our desi palate, with a larger offering of vegetarian dishes of course. Yes, Chinese food is the most popular foreign cuisine in India surpassing Italian or Thai. This is why a majority of restaurants dedicate a section of their menu to Chinese food. And this is not just the case in India. People across the world, especially in Malaysia, Singapore and North America, surprisingly relish this cuisine to no end (and who can blame them?).

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Inchin’s Bamboo Garden – Sunnyvale, Ca

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The rice was good. Just not my cup of tea for the other dishes

Fusion food comes in all types of combinations. Vietnamese and Chinese food blended together.

Malaysian food or even to Tex-Mex food.

How about Indian and Chinese food?

Well Inchin’s has the spot for you to get a taste of what it may be like to combine this Asian combo.

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